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Around the fire, Big Tom congratulates Rob on immunity and apologizes for the misunderstanding earlier over the issue of plotting and such. Amber says that Big Tom is "scrambling," and that he knows he's a swing vote, so if he chose to team up with Jenna and Rupert and vote Amber off, he could certainly do that. Rob, Amber, and Big Tom have a chat in which Big Tom reiterates that he made an agreement with them, and that he intends to abide by it, and if they want to break it, so be it. Amber argues that you can't blame her for being paranoid, considering that she doesn't have immunity. Asked who he thinks they should get rid of, Big Tom says, "I think Jenna's brain's better than Rupert's." And I agree with that, certainly. At least Jenna's brain seems to have made it out of sixth grade.

Jenna returns to camp with Rupert bearing coconuts, and as we watch her work (who's the "only worker" now, big guy?), she interviews that everyone feels paranoid, but that her decision has been to stick with the alliance she formed early on, and so far, that's been the right choice. She marvels in her interview -- correctly, I think -- that it's pretty remarkable that a four-person alliance formed on the twelfth day has actually managed to make it all the way to the last vote it's going to take for them to be the final four. "So I keep thinking something has to go wrong," she says, and then we cut to a little crab, so either Jenna is slow, or she has pincers or a protective shell, or something. Because it totally felt like a metaphorical animal edit.

Rob and Amber sit on a rock together and talk about what to do. He proposes flipping a coin, because he genuinely has no opinion as between the various choices. He says he's been over and over it, and this is all he can come up with. ["Here's where Rob lost me, because if he doesn't realize that he definitely needs to keep Rupert out of the final two, he's not as smart as I've given him credit for." -- Wing Chun] He doesn't say, of course, exactly what the options would be that he would be choosing between. Just then, Big Tom wanders by, fresh from a fishing expedition, it would appear. Rob calls him over, and a wary-looking Big Tom climbs up to talk to Rob and Amber. "Let's be honest with each other," Rob says. "If we can be honest for one time. Let's see if we can." He goes on to ask whether Big Tom has ever approached anyone to "mark" Rob. "Absolutely not," Big Tom insists. "You marked yourself every time you won." Hm. Rob: "And you haven't gone to anybody and said, 'We need to get him out.'" Big Tom insists that he has not. Rob asks Big Tom what happens if they take Jenna out tonight. "Then what, we take out Rupert?" Big Tom is just all, "You tell me." Rob wants to know why he's supposed to be the one to tell Tom what's supposed to happen. "Because I'm the pawn!" Big Tom says, which is sort of pathetic, and tends to invite people to think you're undeserving. Rob and Amber point out that there is no pawn at this point -- it's a little late for pawns and leaders when there are only three people in the alliance. Rob says that he and Amber intend to vote with Tom, so they want to know, as between Jenna and Rupert, who Big Tom thinks they should get rid of. Big Tom says that he likes Rupert, but that it was "a lowlife thing that he done," presumably lying about Big Tom plotting against Rob. "Jenna? She's an all right girl, but she's a motormouth." Hee. He also deems Jenna "smart enough to cause trouble." Big Tom tells them just to tell him who they want him to vote for, and he'll do it. Rob and Amber tell him that it will be Jenna, and the three of them knock fists on it. As Big Tom wanders off, Amber interviews that no decision at this point would make her completely comfortable. "It's a million-dollar decision," she says. She and Rob talk some more on the rocks. He tells her that she's "very sensitive today," and she admits that she's got a problem: "I can taste the money." She should stop licking her pockets. Oh, wait, that's probably not what she means. Never mind. She goes on. "Of course I'm stressed. It's a million dollars, it's going to change our lives." Oh, Amber. It really won't, that much. Amber speculates in an interview that tonight's tribal council "will be the ugliest tribal council we've had yet." Well, we can certainly hope so.

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