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The final five make their way to the fire pit, where they are welcomed by Jeff. The first unpleasant order of business is bringing in the jury: Lex, Kathy, Shii Ann, and Alicia, better known as the Sorest Losers Ever. Jeff asks how things are at camp. As Shii Ann and Kathy whisper in their gossipy fashion, Rupert talks about how alliances are being tested and so forth. Jeff asks Amber whether she senses the inevitable setting in of suspicion. She says yes, "the worst yet." In fact, she thinks this is the most stressful day she's had in the game so far. Amber mentions again her money-smelling issue, which causes Lex to roll his eyes in disgust, because Mr. "It's Business This Time" hates to see anyone suggest that she's in it for any reason as gauche as money. Shii Ann rolls her eyes, too, but that's just because, you know, it's Thursday or the moon is full or it's after sunset or whatever. Jeff asks Jenna about the money-smelling, and she says that that's what it's like at the end -- the concerns about food and so forth have faded, and "the game is everything." Jeff asks Rob whether this kind of ending is "inevitable." Rob says that frankly, there are always people who are "playing a little bit harder than others." And furthermore, there are people who start to "get caught in their lies" and the like. And, of course, this makes Lex make a scrunchy face again. Jeff asks whether anybody got caught in a lie, and Rob confirms that "a couple people" have had that unpleasant experience recently. Jeff asks Amber what she's basing her vote on. She says that this one is based on her "gut."

Jeff asks Big Tom how "insulted" he would be to leave fifth, which is kind of a weird way to ask that question. I mean, "insulted"? "You know whuut?" Big Tom says. "Eee tu, Broo-tay. Even Jesus said, 'Even you, Peter, betrayed me.'" Well, sure. Because this is exactly like Biblical and mythical betrayals. It's May sweeps, after all. Big Tom says that if he's voted off, it will be the vile betrayers who will have to live with it. Yawwwwwn. He also takes the opportunity to note that if he were sitting on the jury, he would have to sit and think hard about whether he was "done fairly." Jeff moves to Jenna and asks how she would feel about going out fifth. She says it wouldn't be good enough, blah blah blah, came to win, blah blah blah, if she's booted out it will mean that people lied, blah blah blah. I think she's one of the few people who actually means it when she says she tries not to lie, but it doesn't really make it any more palatable.

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