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Jeff asks Rob if he's interested in giving up immunity. Uh, no, Jeff. Jeff sends them off to vote. Big Tom votes. Jenna votes. Rob votes, saying, "Pony ride's over. You're welcome, for carrying you this far." He does not look happy. Amber votes. Rupert votes. Jeff goes off to "tally." When he returns, he gives the usual admonition that there will be no hanging around after you're booted. Get OUT! First vote is to Jenna. Second vote is Big Tom. Third? Big Tom. And the fourth goes to Big Tom, and that sends him home. Boy, they fooled me on that one. Tom goes and gets snuffed. As he turns to go, he stops, turns back around, and tries to give Rob a death stare. I'm sure Rob is quite scared. Lex wears an infuriated expression, because...well, I don't know why, actually. Considering that it was Lex's original plan to try to sway Tom into turning against Rob, which apparently Lex thought was a fair way to play it, I'm not sure how pissed off he can really be that Rob turned on Big Tom,'s Lex, after all. There is no logic, only righteous indignation, usually of a fairly uninformed and senseless variety. Alicia, too, is all eye-rolly. I have to agree with Eagle-Eyed Forum Poster djeber, who noted that this is the first season ever where the jury is far more unlikable than the people who remain in the game. Well, except Rupert. Jeff congratulates the final four on making it so far, and he sends them back to camp.

I do think Rob probably booted the wrong guy. I'm not sure why you wouldn't boot Rupert instead and break up the Rupert/Jenna thing. Of course, it's entirely possible that the reason I feel that way is that it would have resulted in getting rid of Rupert, which, as all of you know, is really the one thing I want the most out of this game right now.

In his exit interview, Big Tom predictably complains about the presence of a knife in his back and so forth. Well, two knives. He tries to make himself feel better by implying that Rob and Amber will suffer over having betrayed him, and will find it hard to "live with it." I think not. "Fahr-wail, fahr-weather freee-yends," he concludes. And fahr-wail to you, too, you big weirdo.

Coming up: The finale. And if Rupert wins, I simply don't know what I'll do.

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