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And over at this earth-shattering meeting of the big hairy minds, Rupert sits on a log while Big Tom paces around doing nothing in particular. Rupert remarks that if Big Tom doesn't win immunity, he's going to find himself booted. Rupert questions whether, if Big Tom does win immunity, he would participate in booting "your only worker out of this tribe." Okay, first of all, Rupert is not the only worker in the tribe. Jenna has been seen doing a lot of work related to food preparation, and while Rob and Amber haven't been seen doing a lot of work just lately, they were both members of a very self-reliant Chapera tribe, and Rob worked his ass off at that camp building shelter and whatnot. And Amber was cutting up plantains just a little while ago. Second of all, what difference does it make with three days left whether you boot a person who's a worker? You're going to live three more days, even without Rupert. It's just an absurd argument. "Or are you going to band with me and put Rob out?" Rupert asks. Rupert goes on to say how important it is for them to "break that couple up," and while he's right, he really is coming to that party too late. F5 is really too late to realize that a two-person unbreakable alliance is a bad thing. Big Tom interviews that everyone has had a crack at changing his loyalties in the last week or two. Back in his conversation with Rupert, Big Tom says, "If we don' get Rob off, kee shwaaaam." Rupert looks up at him. "If we don't get Rob off, what?" "He's won," Big Tom clarifies. Hee. Rupert interviews, "If I get Tom in with Jenna and I [sic], we three would be the power in this five, and put Rob and Amber out of this game." At least he gets it, now, finally. At camp, Rupert tells Rob that he's going fishing. Rob is indifferent. Rupert asks Rob if he's hungry, and Rob remains indifferent.

Rob interviews that, "at this point, there's no guarantee that Tom's going to stay loyal." He says that because he doesn't trust anyone, his next move was to start a fight between Big Tom and Rupert to keep them from ganging up on him. Rob neatly accomplishes this by sitting down with Big Tom and reporting that Rupert keeps saying that Big Tom is trying to start an uprising against Rob. Okay, this was brilliant for two reasons. First, as he stated, it starts trouble between Big Tom and Rupert. But second, Tom's reaction is going to give Rob some pretty good clues as to whether the notion that Big Tom is plotting against him is true, but allows Rob to find that out without directly accusing Big Tom of disloyalty himself. Really, really a smart bit of play. Anyway, Big Tom insists that he has no intention of changing alliances, although, of course, the first time, Rob doesn't understand him. Snerk. Rob asks Tom why Rupert would say that if it weren't true, and Big Tom says he's not sure -- he finds Rupert to be generally trustworthy, but that if he told Rob that Big Tom was plotting, it's not the case. Big Tom interviews that while he told Rob from the start that he would stay loyal, he's not enjoying the "tattletale" game going on right now. Back in their talk, Rob tells Big Tom, "I'd want to confront him. Or do you want him to just chump you like that?" Oy, that is such a guy thing. That's one of the things I notice about my guy friends -- they always want you to get revenge, and they always think the "don't let him [or, of course, her] chump you like that" is a great way to make you do it. "Sooner than later," Rob interviews happily, "it was like two cats in a bag goin' at it." And by "goin' at it," he means fighting. I dearly hope.

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