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Out in the water, Rob watches with an open smile on his face as Rupert and Tom have an argument. Each accuses the other of having wanted to get rid of Rob. As they bicker, Rob interviews that by doing this, he kept them from getting together and having "enough sense" to get rid of him or Amber. Big Tom argues to Rupert that he has no reason to vote Rob off when he and Rob are allies, and claims that Rupert didn't even know he and Rob were allies: "Of course I knew you had an alliance with him, you told me you had an alliance with him!" Rupert goes on to say, however, that Big Tom said he didn't want to go to F2 with Rob. Big Tom sputters, "That is our alliance!" (Meaning, presumably, going to F2.) As Rob continues smiling, which Rupert and Tom apparently don't notice, Rupert lectures Tom that if that's the case, and if he and Rob have an alliance, then Tom shouldn't be "talking bad about him." Rupert -- who believes that he has the whole game knocked -- informs us in an interview that he knows this was "a ploy to try and make [him] look bad." So he sort of gets it, but he sort of doesn't. He doesn't seem to understand that the point is solely to create dissension in and of itself. In other words, it's not a ploy to make Rupert look bad; it's a ploy to keep him and Tom at odds. I don't think Rob cares who comes out looking bad. In fact, the way that Rupert says to Big Tom, "And now I'm the bad guy?" makes me think that it's Big Tom that Rupert was accusing of a "ploy." In other words, he just thinks Big Tom's accusations that he was plotting against Rob were a ploy on Big Tom's part to split him from Rob. Presumably, if Rupert had correctly read this situation as the result of scheming by Rob, he'd have known enough to ignore it and, in fact, get together with Big Tom and go after Rob and Amber, for God's sake. In any event, you'd think one of these two geniuses would have noticed that Rob was grinning the entire time they were fighting.

Tense music plays as the final five walk up to the apparent immunity challenge, which is laid out on a large flat game board for each person. Jeff starts off by mentioning that the sun is shining at last, but then rains on Big Tom's parade by taking back immunity from him. And what is the challenge? It's a word scramble. (Well, that's what Probst calls it. I'd call it a word search.) You have to hunt down seventeen former tribe names that are hidden in the puzzle somewhere. Then, there are letters where two names intersect, and those letters will need to be unscrambled to form a word or phrase. First to finish will win immunity. Ready? Go.

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