The Killing Fields

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It's Hard To Be Brave When You're A Very Small Animal

In the tent, Tina talks shit about Jerri to Colby and Mitchell. She tells them that Jerri will do whatever it takes to win. She also tells them that Jerri stole the fishing boat from her and Keith that morning, even though Mitchell was there when it happened. She concludes, "I am so over it I can't hardly stand it." In an interview, she tells us that she mentioned her "frustrations" with Jerri to the others because she didn't know if she alone felt that way, but it's pretty clear her real motive is to feel up the allegiances of the others. Colby says that it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, which confirms my belief that Colby speaks mostly in irrelevant clichés. Tina apologizes for saying that Jerri is "the most bossy, domineering person [she's] ever met." Tina then admits to us that she was testing Colby's alliance, because she feels if she can reach him, she can then get to Lamber. Poor Mitchell is too far gone.

Later, Colby and Keith hang out in the river, and Colby says he had to escape because there was an "estrogen overload" in the tent. In case he was sleeping through Tribal Council the previous night, Keith explains to Colby that Jerri's comments set him and Tina apart, and that they thought it was "just a matter of time now." In an interview Colby pinches his nose and tells us that "The Powers that Be" (An Angel fan?) have predetermined long ago the "pecking order" and the elimination order, "and uh, Keith is up." When he says "The Powers that Be," we see a tent shot of Jerri picking at her nails, Lamber lying around, and Bitchell with his "duh" face on. More like the Powers that Suck. Colby says that he and Keith spend a lot of time together because they get along, but also because the team needs Keith. Keith says, "Who knows, man -- you and Jerri could get married," and Colby says that's not going to happen. Keith then tells Colby that Jerri's not good enough for him. And that "it's cool" that they have they're "little thing going on." He then threatens to beat Colby "like a dog" (but not stab him like a little piglet) if he find out they've hooked up.

After a little pre-chicken pow-wow at Kucha, the tribe unanimously agrees to butcher a chicken. Kimmi asks to be notified before the killing starts. Alicia may be playing cats' cradle or fiddling with her nails like Jerri. Rodger tells us that having fried chicken would be the first meal where they didn't have to pass a piece of fish around six or seven times with everyone taking a bite, which might be a jab at Michael. Rodger looks like Slingblade Gump as his beard grow in. As he begins to prepare for Rodney's butchering, Kimmi leaves, and Alicia says she's sorry for her, even though she doesn't really look like she is. Rodger says they should all remember that it's no different from eating fish. ["Exactly, KIMMI." -- Wing Chun] As the team eats, Michael tells us in an interview that it is going to get more and more difficult for him "to stay in the limelight." He says he's increased the number of fish he's caught each time he's been out so much that the obvious next step is for him to wrestle an alligator. Nick eats and says, "Once you go dark meat, you don't ever go back," and Alicia keeps a straight face for about two seconds until Nick looks back at her, and then she giggles cutely and ducks her head between her legs.

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