The Killing Fields

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It's Hard To Be Brave When You're A Very Small Animal

At Ogakor, Mitchell tells us that he's weak, hungry, and tired, and that, physically and emotionally, he's "gone." He then tells us that he thinks the most about strategies of everyone in Ogakor. I thought he thought the most about Jerri. Maybe even now, back in Jersey, he wistfully thinks about Jerri striking a pose in her cowboy hat and weird pink poncho with her hands on her cocked hips. Mitchell bashfully draws in the sand as Mae West Jerri stands above him. Snitchell tells Jerri and Lamber that he's seen Colby and Keith talking. Jerri is fearful because of her Tribal Council comments, but says that the only way an alliance would work against her with Keith and Tina would be if Colby joined them. While Jerri goes on about this, Lamber is "yes"-ing and "right"-ing and repeating everything Jerri says. Lamber then says that Colby can be talked into things easily and that "he's not real strong in his own opinion," and just then Alanis Morissette pops onto my television screen and wails, "Isn't it ironic?" and then disappears.

Jerri tells us that she's focusing on Colby so that he doesn't change his mind. She then chases Colby to the ends of the earth...or at least way up on a mountain somewhere and wages her campaign, which consists of saying things like, "Cool!" in her best Valley Girl voice. Colby tells us he's "bound and determined to put pork on the plate before [he] leave[s] this place," and Jerri tells him to serve it right up. Well, she doesn't, really, but she does. Jerri tells us that Colby has separated the game from his relationships with her, and that "it takes a strong person to do that, quite honestly," and then Meredyth Brooks shows up and launches into "Bitch." In an interview, Colby says that Jerri is scared, and that she thinks he might be involved in masterminding a "back door" move with Tina and Keith. Colby then tells Jerri that he doesn't want her to lose any sleep over the situation, and she says that she's just trying to beat Tina to the draw. Colby doesn't want to make any deals; he thinks they're pointless, because if the tribe enters the merger "undermanned," "it's all for naught." In the comment that had people across the world mocking their television sets, Jerri tells Cowboy, "It's not like you're making a deal with the devil, here." In an interview, Jerri says that she's become a little leery of Colby because he's "distancing himself from her." We then see Colby offer up a deal -- which confuses me, because he'd just stated his opposition to them: he'll ally with Jerri and Lamber. But it's hard to tell whether he's being honest with Jerri because -- after telling us in an interview that Jerri wears a nametag that says "Puppet Master" on it, and that she loves having Lamber in her pocket -- he claims that he "simply agreed to go along with them just because [he] thought it could get [him] down the road a little better." He tells us, "I haven't trusted anyone since Day One, and anyone playing smart should have been the same way." We then see Colby gallantly piggybacking Jerri across the river, thus at once depriving her of her cesspool energy source and setting himself on fire.

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