The Killing Fields

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It's Hard To Be Brave When You're A Very Small Animal

Ogakor is rightfully depressed as they walk back to camp. Lamber informs us that they're "feeling low" and if she ever tells us something we don't already know, I'll be very surprised. Jerri says, "And so we prepare once again for the walk of shame," and my guess is that she's well-prepared for that little jaunt. Mitchell smugly tells us, "I'll have plenty to say to the camera when I hold up Keith's name. He seems to be an instigator of some problems. So, when he goes, it'll be a sigh of relief for me." Keith tells us that Jerri likes to think that she's a leader, but that his goal is to break that up by offering the team an alternative. Colby tells us it will be a tough Tribal Council for him because he doesn't agree with The Powers that Suck.

Tribal Council. With a big, typically inappropriate smile on his face, Peachy says that he needs to address the fire with them. Please, Lord, don't ever let Peachy report the news. Keith says that the fires are going to end up "pushing things that are in the Outback towards us," which sounds far scarier for the Outback than for Ogakor. Colby is pissed off that he hasn't seen a pig, but he plans on catching one because he "plays to win." Smiling happily, Peachy says, "Let me make the observation of the day: Kucha is kicking your ass." Nobody argues with him there, but Colby twitches his nose. Tina says that being pulled in so many different directions is the hardest part of the game, and that it's "brutal."

Then they vote. Mitchell votes for Keith and says, "You add some tension to the group at times, and my hope is that by eliminating you, we eliminate a little bit of that friction." We don't see the others vote until Tina holds up Mitchell's name and tells us, "This is not my original intended vote. However, on the way here to Tribal Council, a new scheme was developed. So in the spirit of the Olympics, let the games begin." This was the third moment during this episode when I found myself whew-hooing.

Peachy tallies the votes and returns. The first name is Keith's -- which clues me in that he's not going anywhere. The next two votes are also for Keith. Oh, Peachy, go on playing your fun and games while people's "life on the island" is at stake. The next vote is for Mitchell, as are the remaining two. It's Survivor's first-ever tie! ["Well, for this season. There was a tie in last year's season finale -- Richard vs. Susan." -- Wing Chun] That means that the tribe votes again, with Keith and Mitchell abstaining. In this case, we know that, unless someone switches his vote, there will be another tie. Peachy gives Mitchell and Keith each a chance to plead his case. Keith tells the others that he's a competitor, and that he will continue to do heavy work for the team and will "fight for the bitter end." Mitchell looks like he's going to cry, and says, "Well, you all pulled a little fast one on me," and then tries to use some of that crafty reverse psychology on the tribe by saying that he wants them to win, and that he's just not strong enough to get them there. Mitchell throws himself on his sword for honor, but ends up falling flat on his face.

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