The Killing Fields

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It's Hard To Be Brave When You're A Very Small Animal

They vote again. Jerri votes for Keith and says, "Mitchell, I promised you from the very beginning of this game that I would not vote for you, and I'm staying true to that promise." Jerri, you should know that your word's no good here. Tina says, "This game isn't easy. I didn't come up here to starve myself and to face the elements to keep the weakest person." Hee. Tina's votes crack me up. Keith's name is shown first, again, so we have a good idea what's coming, but Mitchell still looks surprised when he gets his first vote. As we knew it would be, the tribe is deadlocked, and the rule in that case is that votes cast from previous Councils count. Peachy makes Keith say how many votes he has: none. He then makes Mitchell: one (and by Keith's hand!). Keith does a good job not celebrating his victory in Mitchell's face, although he does pat him on the back, which probably pisses Mitchell off. Mitchell's consolation prize is that he gets to hug Jerri --who has stick in her hair like she thinks she's in Bedrock -- before he goes.

As we go to commercial, Peachy tells us to stay tuned for Mitchell's final words, which I don't see as much of a selling point.

Next week on Survivor: something is rotten in the state of Kucha.

In his closing words, Mitchell says "cripes" and commends his tribe, the "better team." Oh, Bitchell; oh, Snitchell, we'll surely miss the many ways of naming and shaming you.

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