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The tragic music starts in as we see that Elisabeth is really cold. Tina continues to look stoic. Jeff tells the others, "Maybe they feel vulnerable. Maybe those are the four people that feel the most vulnerable. I felt vulnerable, but you know I couldn't do it. I knew I couldn't do it." But he really should have done it. Rodger worries because Tina hasn't eaten all day. Elisabeth is still really cold. Colby says he had no idea it would last that long, and the remaining four are determined. At eight hours and twenty-three minutes, Lamber is laying with her head in Jerri's lap.

Peachy wades out through the water with a torch and Elisabeth, on the verge of tears, asks, "Is there any more negotiating?" Peachy decides to string her along and says, "Maybe." Elisabeth says she'll negotiate for a boat ride back, and she must really be desperate and cold and tired to give up without any treats. On shore, Jeff says he bets Elisabeth will go next, and there goes Peachy rowing out to fetch Elisabeth. She sweetly says, "It's past my bedtime," and climbs down like a little child, telling the others to "go get 'em." Once on land, she heads straight to Rodger for hugs and he says, "I'm real proud of ya," which is so cute. At ten hours and seventeen minutes, Jeff says he knows Alicia is concerned that she's being voted for and that "these people are crazy." Peachy rows out again and offers up hot chocolate and coffee and a boat ride in. Alicia deliberates and then accepts the offer. Keith immediately says, "Hey, Tina," and she says, "Hey what?" and I think she knew what was coming. He says, "I need this," and harangues her until she agrees to climb down. She then tells us in a confessional that coming in was harder than staying out there, and I truly believe Tina could have outlasted them all. Twice. She tells us she knew she needed to make that decision for the team. Keith gets the immunity idol and parties down. He vogues with the idol. This is a dance-happy bunch.

The Barramundi hike off to Tribal Council, and this is the first time Ogakor sees Elisabeth's stunning headwear. Jerri, always first to jump on a trend, orders one of her very own. Lamber orders two. After reciting how long various people stayed on perches, Peachy says, "Alicia, I'm thinkin' you obviously must not be worried because you were out there for a long time and finally said, 'Okay I guess I've proven my point.'" I hope that Peachy was trying to get the Ogakors to vote for Alicia instead of Jeff here because he realizes what terrible people they are, but it's unlikely. I don't know why he called out Alicia like this, who responds that she doesn't think that whether she stepped off will change what is going to happen. That's the kind of footage the editors will find a way to creatively replay the week she gets the boot. Of immunity, Keith says, "Tina gave that to me," and at least he admits it. Tina says, "I know Keith needed this," and that's true. Peachy asks if Rodger thinks everyone is worried, and Rodger Gump responds that he thinks everyone except Keith is worried.

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