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Will you please be quiet, please?

Then the voting commences. Colby says, "It was a strategic move that was determined the first week we were here," which might really say a lot about the "very large mouth of a former tribe member in Kucha." Rodger votes for Colby and says he really likes "the guy," but because he's from Ogakor he has to go. Tina says her vote is "one hundred percent a strategic vote." Shots of Nick and Rodger looking concerned, because no one's voting for them. Jeff decides that if he's going out, he's going out in style and says, "'Cause everything's better in Texas, this lonestar has got to go."

Peachy tallies the votes, which are read in the following order: Colby, Colby, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Colby, Jeff, Colby, Jeff, Colby. I think Jeff knows he's a goner as soon as his name is read the first time. Peachy says, "Look at that!" when he reveals it's a tie. No one's surprised. Peachy gives both Jeff and Colby a chance to plead their case, but says that it won't make any difference since "this is obviously two tribes voting completely down tribal lines." How decidedly un-Peachy of him. Jeff says he doesn't think he can say anything to change anyone's mind. Well isn't this the fatalistic crew? Cocky Colby says he only knows how to play the game one way and that's "full tilt," and if it makes him a threat, so be it.

Peachy tallies the votes again and reads them: Jeff, Colby, Jeff, Colby, Jeff, Colby, Jeff, Colby. Oh Lordy, it's another tie. Peachy says, "It's very clear old tribal lines run deep in this group," and rules it a deadlocked vote. Jeff is nodding his head and looking sad. Colby says he's had zero votes cast against him, and Jeff says he's had "one that I know of." So that means he never found out Kimmi's vote. How terrible would it have been if Colby did have a vote and if Jeff thought he had one vote and then found out he'd actually had two votes? He'd have two times the reasons to be pissed at Kimmi. Peachy says, "Enough. You need to bring me your torch." Peachy is very testy tonight. Jeff hugs Alicia, and Colby looks over and smirks, but maybe that's just relief. Nick looks very sad because Nick's a smart guy and may well know this bodes very poorly for the Kucha tribe. Alicia, oddly enough, is smirking too. Peachy says he has a feeling that over the next few days, new friendships will be made and new voting habits will form. Here's hoping.

Next week on Survivor: Set your VCRs for Wednesday night as "politics and paranoia" abound. And Richard Hatch makes a guest appearance. No he doesn't. But he should.

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