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At Kucha, Elisabeth and Alicia grin at each other while they check the clue. It must be cold because they're in their woolies. A little peak of the clue reveals that it says, "Girls Night Out." Tricky, tricky, that fucker Mark Burnett. Elisabeth exerts herself at the clue reading. Part of the clue reads, "The women will go visit," and Elisabeth hits Alicia and looks very excited about that. Jeff figures out that, "They're keeping the chicks apart" and they all exclaim that it's so sneaky to keep the girls separated. They don't seem to care that the boys will be separated too. Not that it matters since it's just a big trick anyway. Nick tells us that Kucha has a really nice camp, and they'd like to have the "home turf advantage" and remain there. Jeff, because there hasn't been dissension in five whole seconds, comments, "If we're responsible for the dinner then those girls are eatin' much better than y'all are" to Elisabeth and Alicia. Alicia says, "Wait a minute," and goes back to the clue because I guess they missed the dinner part the first time around. Alicia and Elisabeth beg for the Mountain Dew. Mmmmm…warm Mountain Dew -- my head feels like it might split apart just thinking of it. And then the Kucha men reveal that not only can't the girls do the Dew, but they will also miss the serving of the one remaining chicken, Polly or Ruby or Henrietta. Rodger tells them, "We'll let you know how it was" of the chicken, and grins. Hee. Elisabeth says they need to bring a housewarming gift to Kucha but Nick insists, "There's more of them to woo." Elisabeth, very cutely frustrated, responds, "Woo Woo Woo Woo them." Alicia stomps off while waving her finger in no one's face. Jeff keeps cackling. Elisabeth tells us that "eating plain rice with Keith and Colby" is for the betterment of the team. I really don't think it's the eating with Colby part that's bothering her.

As they hike through the Outback, Elisabeth says she'll miss their "Kucha spices." Maybe they should have brought some with them. Just a thought. Alicia tells us the two of them felt "really strange" walking away from camp alone, and that their bond will eventually change the game because "it's a big open book and we gotta write the rest of the pages that go in it." I hope they write all about my sweet Rodger. As Alicia says this, we see shots of Elisabeth and Alicia holding hands and singing, "Wanna Be" by the Spice Girls. Okay, so there's no singing, but there's some major girl power going on here. Alicia would make a great Sassy Spice.

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