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We next see shoe-cam shots of Keith and Colby trekking through the jungle. Ah, the much-heralded shoe-cam. I was watching an early episode of 90210 over the weekend and counted two shoe-cam shots -- one of Brenda's Keds and white puffy socks while she's walking down the pavement after Mondale runs out of gas, and one of Brandon's black hi-tops stepping on to the basketball court in a one-man effort to improve race relations in Los Angeles. You know you're seeing fine camerawork when the same techniques are employed by the fine professionals on 90210. Colby tells us he's curious about the Kucha camp. We then see Elisabeth tell Alicia she's curious about Ogakor. I think we're supposed to think it's cool that they both feel the same way.

On the edge of the Ogakor camp, as Elisabeth and Alicia approach, Tina says in her cheeriest soccer-mom voice, "Fi Fo Fo Foo. I smell the blood of a Kucha tribe!" as if that's funny and not her fantasizing about beating on some Kucha. Lamber looks confused as the Ogakor ladies, who were expecting the Kucha men, greet the Kucha women. Alicia says it's funny because the boys were expecting the Ogakor girls, and the Ogakor girls cheer and laugh and don't happen to mention that they, too, were mislead. Alicia says the boys were laying out the tablecloths for the Ogakor girls and Elisabeth repeats "tablecloths" like she thinks she's Lamber. Ogakor tells Kucha that they weren't told what happened with the injury. Elisabeth tells Ogakor they need to "sit down for this one" and Alicia adds, "It's a big deal." In a confessional Elisabeth tells us, "It was good to hear that they were worried and hoping everything and praying everything was okay with Mike." We then see Alicia and Elisabeth explaining to Ogakor that Mike fell into the fire and that his skin was hanging off. Tina earnestly asks if they've had any news of his condition and Alicia answers that he's going to be okay. Well I for one am glad to know. Tina is too, as she tells us she's "glad to know it's not one of those things that's life threatening." One of those pesky little things. Alicia tells Ogakor that they were "praying and a mess." Jerri then says in a confessional that when they found out the day earlier, they didn't know whether to "celebrate or feel bad." We then cut to a clip of Alicia saying that "whatever takes you out of the game takes you out of the game," and that Mike is officially the sixth person to leave. Tina then tells us that it's now a tie ballgame and they're "goin' into overtime."

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