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The Ogakor men approach the Kucha camp in Just Peachy outfits. The cameras include a shot of Keith taking a digger and trying to cover it up while Colby walks calmly ahead. Jeff is surprised to see the Ogakor men and asks what their note said. Ogakor explains that they were tricked too, and they all have a good chuckle except Rodger Gump who a beat later exclaims, "We were expecting the women over here!" Colby says he didn't even bring a skirt. In a confessional Colby tells us that the Kucha men were disappointed, and that they were ready to "wine and dine the women of Ogakor." He says he was looking forward to being cooked for by the girls, and I don't get all this girls-should-be-doing-the-cooking stuff -- Keith is the master chef. Keith then says they had a great time, and that they're "kinda like soldiers in the field that are putting the weapons down for a while." Keith points out that the Kuchas have, in the past, called their camp "Camp Carnage" but it looks pretty "plush" to him. Maybe they meant "Camp Carnage" as in the "We Slaughter Baby Pigs" sense. Meanwhile we see that there are indeed tablecloths and napkins. Jeff says through a split in a tree, "All I saw from Colby were teeth," and that Keith seemed "like a little puppy trailing behind him." I wonder what he'd think of Lamber. The Kuchas tells the Ogakors that they saved them a chicken, which the Ogakors don't believe at first. And then Keith gets excited because someone is actually going to let him cook something! Keith tells us in the confessional that saving the chicken was a "real gentlemen thing to do," but how does he know it wasn't the ladies' idea? Would he then say it was a very lady-like thing to do?

Jeff talks to Rodger while they butcher the chicken and says that there's a "Survivor twist to everything" and the old switcheroo "got [them] again." He then reiterates that he was expecting women, and that he and Nick and Rodger were "gonna lather 'em up and go pick 'em flowers." We get a close-up on the chicken-plucking as he says this, which makes me think there's some corollary the editors want us to make. I don't. Jeff says that the Ogakors are "nice guys" and that he gets the feeling Keith is an outsider. That feeling probably came straight from Jerri's mouth. Kucha is busting out all the stops and prepares some chicken feed for their guests. They then enforce Mike's "take one bite and pass it around" method, even though there appears to be plenty for each of them to have their own piece. Or two. Keith wants to pass in the other direction because he keeps getting stuck with Colby's bones. In a confessional Keith tells us it was a good evening and wistfully tells us, "I get caught up in the friendship thing quite easily." Rodger says that although the chicken was tough, it was "still a good chicken." In a voice-over Rodger then says, "I know everybody's nicey-nicey now," but things will change. He's sure "there'll be some times when things won't be so nice around here." Like when Jerri gets within fifty feet of the place.

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