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At Ogakor, it's raining and Jerri tries to cover the fire because, as she announces, their only matches are in Keith's pocket. The others ask if she's sure that Keith has the matches, and of course she's sure because she put them there herself when his back was turned! She then tries to act like she's defending Keith but it's pretty obvious to me she's setting him up. I'm not sure why it's such a big deal in any case because they already have a fire. In a confessional Jerri tries to act like a noble person as she tells us that she doesn't want to talk about Keith in front of their "guests" because they'll figure out that votes have been placed against him. We then see Jerri telling the others that Keith could have prevented them from eating. Tina tells us in a confessional that she's sure Keith didn't take the matches purposely, and then says it's in Jerri's best interest not to show a "hateful side," except Jerri is just one big hateful side. Now Jerri is making a tortilla and saying that they usually look better. Keith probably did something to it. She tells us in a confessional, "We decided that I was going to make my famous tortilla!" I have no idea how she goes on about the damn tortillas with a straight face. It's tortilla this and tortilla that. I don't think anyone else gives a holy hoot about the tortillas. Ogakor also opens a can of tomatoes, and who knew they had those? The Kucha women start talking about how the men are getting chicken and Jerri looks pissed that they're not bowing before the almighty tortilla. Lamber is upset because she doesn't have more to offer the visiting tribe, like some meat…or a personality. Alicia is honored that Ogakor has opened a can for them. She says she can't wait to get Ogakor back to their camp and "give them something to eat" even though she originally thought she'd never want to share. Jerri and Alicia talk about how they'd both love a hot dog, and then Alicia tells us in a confessional that they've talked about food nineteen hours out of the twenty. Jerri cackles and tells Alicia her favorite food is hot fudge. Tina likes Dove chocolates, except it takes me about two days and ten replays to figure out what she said. Jerri is pissed that she didn't know they came out with vanilla tootsie rolls.

Jerri and Lamber converse by the water, and have determined that Kucha camp is a good option because they have plenty of firewood. Because we knew all about that being an issue for Ogakor, up to date. Jerri is "stoked" to go to Kucha's camp. Joanna is "stoked" to send Jerri a copy of the English dictionary on her return. Tina checks the mail and finds a clue with a map, which announces they need to pack all they can and that the canoe must stay behind. They assume they're moving to Kucha until they look at the map and discover they're headed to a completely new area.

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