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The building of the new camp begins on Day 21. Jerri wants to "express [her] opinion right now" and then cheers and rubs it in when they agree to listen to her. Colby says he's laying low because "sometimes you run into a situation when there's too many chiefs and not enough Indians," and that's definitely my favorite Colby expression. Tina's worried about where Jerri wants to put the camp because the rain might come in. Rodger agrees and says, "It's called a dry creek bed. I don't know if it's always dry or not." And also that you never know what you're gonna get. Rodger tells us in a confessional that he wanted to build the tent in the trees but the girls wanted to build in the sand because "it sleeps better." The new tribe immediately agrees on Barramundi for their new name, which is a miracle because it wasn't even Jerri's idea. She tells us in a confessional that it's great because "this is when things get slippery and sneaky and it's hard to catch people." Elisabeth announces that it's "the catch of the day." Whatever that means.

Suddenly the tribe is at the Immunity Challenge. What happened to the treemail? Did they even get a clue? My husband's all bummed out because Jerri gets to hold the immunity idol. Peachy claims, "New tribe name. New tribe, new game." They're now playing for individual immunity in a challenge called "The Perch." I'm guessing it's not supposed to be some fish pun. Just before the challenge begins, Peachy "warns" them that it's going to be a long one. Which is more like "rubbing it in" than "warning." He says the challenge tests both "will and endurance," and doesn't he say that every time? The S10 head out to the water and Peachy tells them to "keep [their] eye[s] on the talisman." Jeff nearly wipes out climbing the pole. Jerri asks if anyone wants to look up at the sky to see if the sun is coming out, most likely trying to make someone fall off. Or burn their retinas. Rodger won't look. We then see underwater shots of Alicia vogueing, and I would much rather have seen the actual shot. On second thought, maybe she was doing bodybuilding poses, but it looked like fun dancing to me.

The S10 play games to keep themselves amused, alphabetizing the states and thinking up songs to sing. Elisabeth dryly says that it sure is fun around there. Nick bows out after ninety minutes, and Rodger says, "Just don't get too close to me Nick 'cause I'm liable to be next," which doesn't make much sense unless he means that he might jump or fall into the water on Nick. Nick tells us he's been sick and felt a little dizzy, but I think he just didn't want to look too strong. Colby flips off his perch and then tells us he wanted to make the Kucha guys mad to draw attention away from him. I don't see how performing aerial maneuvers makes people angry. Because belly flops really piss me off. He further explains that either Keith or Jerri needs to win immunity for Ogakor to stay in the game. Jeff does a little cheerleader dance while on his perch.

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