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Nick also congratulates the S2; he says he has respect from them. He then says that had it not been for a "very unfortunate accident," neither Colby nor Tina would be in the finals. He wants to know who they think would have made the final two if Mike hadn't fallen into the fire. Colby says Nick and Mike. Tina can't answer because she didn't know Kucha's group dynamics. She says Mike, but can't suggest another name.

Then Jerri stands up, and Colby looks scared. Jerri lays into them about broken promises and manipulation. She says she's going to allow them to clear their consciences, and then asks them to apologize to "another person." Tina looks Jerri right in the face and says she feels worst about going along with the beef jerky incident. She says that "someone" wanted to go through Kel's backpack, and that being part of that act is her one regret. Jerri tries to smile through this. ["At our place, everyone was like, 'Burn!'" -- Wing Chun] Colby feels guilty about Rodger and Elisabeth; he wishes the game could have been played differently. He also mentions Alicia; he says it was cowardly to vote her off only because she was a "physical threat." He has guilt but not regrets; I think Colby needs some counseling -- he seems to be taking all of this excessively to heart. Jerri stands there, still waiting for an apology, and Colby just stares her down. I think they saved Jerri for last, hoping for a rats and snakes kind of diatribe; she couldn't even give us that. Colby then says that he respectfully has no closing comments. Tina compares the game to backgammon. She says that covering your men is the strategy in playing backgammon, and that it's also the strategy in playing Survivor. She says that there was never anything personal, there was only a strategy. And I think that's the truth.

Peachy makes sure that the jury (Bozo the Keith) knows that it's a different voting process this week: they are to vote for the winner. Tina grabs for Colby's hand, and he grabs for her knee.

Rodger votes for Colby. He likes them both, but thinks that Colby played harder. Elisabeth is next, and it looks like she draws a "C" for her first stroke. Alicia votes for Tina and says that she'd "gravitate" to Colby in "the game of life," but that Tina is more deserving in the game of Survivor because she made the finals through strategy, not sheer strength. Alicia concludes, "She's a smart woman and I think she deserves it." Lamber snarks, "Tina, you've come forty-two days; you haven't received a vote yet. But you won't be receiving your first vote from me." She votes for Colby because he was more straightforward with her. Jerri tells us that it's been clear from the beginning that Tina was the mastermind, and that her greatest accomplishment was getting Colby to pick her over Bozo the Keith for the finals. Jerri "can't help" having respect for Tina. That's all we see of the voting. Peachy retrieves the vote urn and says, "I know you've waited a long time for this moment and you're gonna wait a little longer..." He then self-importantly clutches the urn to his chest and runs for the helicopter.

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