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And now, the didgeridoo roll...Peachy says, "This is good!" as he digs into the urn. The first two votes are for Tina. In standard Survivor format, that would mean she loses. But this is "special" Survivor format, so it's up in the air. The next two votes are for Colby. Tina is very giggly. Colby gets a third vote and Peachy tells him he'll win with one more vote. Tina gets the next vote and everyone laughs for some reason. Tina says, "Told you!" to Colby. So now they're tied and Peachy thinks it "doesn't get any better than this." Tina covers her face and makes sobbing noises while Colby kisses her. Peachy holds up a card with Tina's name on it. Colby reacts as though he'd won, which is nice to see. Tina's kids hug each other and start mentally spending the money. Peachy hands her the flag and invites the jury over to congratulate her. Everyone hugs everyone. Jerri has on some very tight pants. In the background, Peachy attempts to put out Colby's torch, which refuses to be extinguished because it doesn't understand how it could lose after winning so many challenges.

And suddenly, Bryant "He Ain't Humble" Gumbel appear and smugly tells us, "Well, the tribe has spoken, but in many ways the surprises are just beginning." ["Not. Also, I was the only one in the room who totally called it that Tina would win." -- Wing Chun] "We'll get some answers" when the Survivor reunion resumes Look out for the recap -- in which Joanna unsuccessfully tries to come up with further funny names for our host -- later this week.

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