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This seriously feels like the longest two hours of my life. And I've only been watching for ten minutes.

As Colby and Tina hang out, they continue to reflect and think. Colby says that "six weeks" sounds so much longer than "forty-two days." Tina takes this literally and calculates that it sounds, in fact, like three weeks. Then for the second time in five minutes, Bozo the Keith mentions crossing the river. He seems kind of obsessed with it. The S3 talk about how they didn't know each other when they first arrived. Tina remembers thinking what a long road they had ahead of them. I'm thinking the same thing right now about the next one hour and forty-two minutes. But who's counting? Bozo the Keith says it's been "a helluva ride." In completely non-logical statement, Tina tells us that the game has been "one big emotional pull." What I just wrote was logical. I translated it for you because it was too tiring to try to recap. Bozo the Keith tells us that tonight is one of their last nights. Tina says "it kills [her]" to think about going home so soon because, although she wants to see her family, she doesn't want to leave the Outback. Colby says he hates leaving because he doesn't want to "check out of the game before it's over" and that he'd never before thought of that as a possibility. Tina agrees that "it's not like you are voluntarily checking out." I can't for the life of me figure out why they're having this conversation and -- more importantly -- why we're forced to endure it. Colby says he'll take it like a man if he gets kicked off. Bozo the Keith says he'll take it like a clown. Actually he says, "We all will." Tina disagrees and says she's going to have a hissyfit. That one's for you, Wing! They talk about the evening's Tribal Council. They agree that it won't be fun. Blah friggin blah. Really! Bozo the Keith draws on his one functioning brain cell to deduce that only one of their votes will count that evening. He says it won't be the usual "voting block," and that it's about who you want the jury to see sitting next to you. He shakes his head and says, "Tough call."

Bozo the Keith stares into the fire while techno music plays. Some kangaroos are doing the cabbage patch out at the river's edge. One of them is wearing Elisabeth's immunity headdress. Then Day 41 dawns. A hopping kangaroo is superimposed over the sun. He's not doing the cabbage patch or wearing Elisabeth's fugly hat. Tina tells us that she's sad not just because the game is ending, but because they're losing each other's company. Bozo the Keith tells us this last day has been "bittersweet" and that "one of us saw the sunset for the last time and the sun rise this morning for the last time." Unless they're moving to Greenland or Alaska, they're each pretty sure to have daily contact with the sun and its regular activities. ["No kidding. It's not like one of them is getting killed tonight." -- Wing Chun] Bozo the Keith has made rice patties for their last supper. He wants them (Tina and Colby) to know they've (the rice patties) been made with "a great deal of love and passion." Tina wants him to know that they're (the rice patties) eaten "with a great deal of love and passion" too. Colby, meanwhile, eats peanut butter straight from the jar. Bozo the Keith says, "From the bottom of this chef's heart to your guys' [sic] stomachs." We've been about one minute reflection-free, so Colby hurries up and tells us he doesn't like dwelling on the fact that the game is full of first and lasts.

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