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A clue arrives; it's a flipbook with one word on each page. How annoying is that? Its only point, as far as I can see, is to ease the task of reading large blocks of text for the S3. The clue says that they'll walk past the torches of those who have gone before them, and that at the end of the "journey," they'll offer up their idols. Tina tells us that she can already feel "anxiety of some sort rising in [her] chest." Maybe she's mistaking anxiety for some other, more silicone substance. She chokes up as she tells us it's going to be hard to say goodbye. Colby says that the three of them are "very emotionally attached" to each other. He concludes, "If the word 'love' comes out of your mouth, then that's the emotion you're feeling at that time." He doesn't, though, love them like he loves his family...yet. He then realizes that he's talking about Bozo the Keith, and says he has to love them to have put up with them for so long. As they head off on the designated route, we see that Bozo the Keith's idol must have a spine injury, since it's strapped to a backboard. Colby's idol is mostly green. Tina's looks like it's wearing Björk's Oscar dress. The S3 hike past the torches in the order that the torches' owners were voted off. As they pass each torch, a montage plays of that Survivor's time in the Outback. I can't imagine they get too sad about Debb, since they never met her. They look very pensively at Maralyn's torch. Other torches they touch or just stare at. Michael's montage is packed with excitement: the killing of the "wild" boar and the fire incident. We see Alicia finger-waving; we see Jerri cackling. Tina kisses Lamber's torch. Because she didn't backstab her or anything. I think the music changes when they get to Rodger's torch and montage; I can't say I didn't choke up here. I didn't, however, wail and bang my fists against the television set. It looks like the S3 walk right by Elisabeth's torch, but they're probably tired of this by now and besides -- they just saw her yesterday.

The S3 walk in single file onto a plateau where Peachy is perkily perched on a rock ledge. He says, "Hey guys!" and launches into another of his stupid speeches: he says that after "chatting" with them, he's learned that the game has been a "life-changing experience." He points out that the torch walk was a chance for them to reflect on their past tribe members, and how they played the game, but that now it's time for them to reflect on their own game and what they'll take away from it. He says they're at the last waterfall before Tribal Council, which is the appropriate place to reflect on their time in the Outback. They are each instructed to find a private place to do this. When they're finished reflecting, they are to return to Peachy's chosen spot and "offer their idols" by tossing them in the river. Peachy announces, "This is your chance to give something back to a land that has given so much to you." Because the land really wants whatever Bozo the Keith has to offer. Ethereal woo-woo-wooing music starts.

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