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In his private place, Bozo the Keith tells us that the time he's had in the Outback has been "a cleansing process". He says that "like any other individual that's [sic] forty years old," he's had both failures and successes. In an interview, a scruffy Keith says he'll walk away with something far more valuable than money: a scholarship to clown college. He then tells us very honestly that he don't think he'll make the final two because he's not "at that level." He doesn't think he has "the opportunity to win the money," even though he's had more of an opportunity than most. I even kind of believe him when he claims it's totally fine with him. His immunity idol takes a leap because it can't stand to listen to all this psychobabble any longer.

Tina insanely sits at the very edge of a high ledge with her legs hanging over. Every time they show an aerial view, I cringe. In an interview, she tells us she's lived her life trying to be independent and strong, but that in the Outback she's learned the value of family. She says that "for the first time," she's going to nurture her family when she goes home. She begins by nurturing her idol: she kisses it and chucks it over the ledge, where it fails to take flight on duck-like wings.

The triumphant music flares up for Colby. He tells us that being in the Outback has made him appreciate daily comforts, like the little things people say at home. He then lobs his sleek green idol into the water; it lands width-wise in the mouth of a crocodile, lodges in its throat, and causes a slow death by starvation.

The S3 then march into Tribal Council, where Peachy instructs them to "pull up [their] tablets." The jury comes in looking typically sullen. After Colby passes down the immunity necklace, Peachy tells the S3 that they've just completed a "rite of passage" and have had a chance to remember their tribemates. The immunity challenge, called "Fallen Comrades," is a series of twelve questions about their former tribemates and will determine how well the S3 really knew them. Peachy explains that the winner of this last challenge not only gains immunity, but the chance to select which other competitor makes it to the final two.

The first question asks which Barramundi member would tell you to "work your magic." They all guess Alicia, and they're all right. Bozo the Keith peeks at his answer before revealing it. The second question asks what town Rodger is from. Both Tina and Colby answer "Crittendon." Bozo the Keith writes "Critten." They all get it right because we all know Bozo the Keith is slow so half an answer is acceptable. The next question asks who is the only Barramundi with a Master's degree. Bozo the Keith and Tina guess Nick -- which seems like a dumb answer to me: he's young and he's in law school. When would he have gotten a Master's degree? Colby guesses Jeff, which seems like a pretty good answer, but it's wrong too. Turns out Rodger has a Master of Arts in Industrial Education. Rodger tries to look stern because they got it wrong but busts out a smile when Tina exclaims, "He never told us that!" The fourth question is, "Who spent twelve years living in Germany?" They all know it's Jerri. Question #5 is a visual: a big picture of Afro-boy. This is a trick question, because he's not wearing his identifying kooky glasses. Colby says it's "Kenny." Tina says it's "Elisabeth's brother." Bozo the Keith guesses "Johnny." Both Colby and Tina are right. How, you ask? Kenny is Elisabeth's brother. Johnny was the name of Bozo the Keith's idol. Question #6 asks, "What two Survivors have tattoos of Chinese characters?" After looking at the jury for identifying marks, they all guess various amalgamations of other Survivors, but no one guesses Alicia and Jeff, which is the right answer. Question #7 is a follow-up and asks, "Jeff and Alicia also wear jewelry on the same part of their body. What is it and where do they were it?" Tina says "ring on the toe"; and Bozo the Keith says "bracelet on the ankle"; I say, "pain in my ass." Colby takes the lead with the correctly guessed "thumb ring." For the next question, Peachy passes around a pair of khaki shorts and wants to know who they belong to. Tina makes a funny face. Colby doesn't smell the crotch, but he does inspect the label. Bozo the Keith guesses Jeff; Tina says Nick; Colby says Kel. Tina is surprised that she's right; Nick applauds her. They all know Elisabeth's boyfriend is named Tim. Both Colby and Tina know that Elisabeth and her boyfriend went to Boston College. Bozo the Keith thinks they went to Boston University. He's wrong, and he's out of the game. Peachy rubs in that there's "no need" for him to answer any further questions. The next question asks which Survivor said on his or her application that he or she would choose to be stranded with President Clinton or the Pope because they're most likely to be rescued. Tina guesses Jeff and Colby guesses Alicia. They both seem like pretty good guesses to me, but the answer is Nick. The final question asks which boring Survivor's proudest accomplishment was being on the Dean's List for five semesters. I first interpreted this as "five years" and cracked myself up over it. Tina incorrectly guesses Nick; Colby correctly guesses Lamber. Give the boy his immunity necklace, already. Meanwhile, Lamber looks proud, and Tina looks put out. Bozo the Keith just looks skeptical.

Peachy points out that Tina and Bozo the Keith's votes will "nullify each other." He then instructs Colby to cast his vote and return the box to him. Colby flips the paper over before he begins writing -- does it actually have a front and a back? Both Tina and Bozo the Keith look very concerned; the jury does too. When Colby returns cradling the vote urn, where good Survivors go to die, Peachy says, "Somebody who has played this game for forty-one days is about to be voted out of the tribe." It's Bozo the Keith, who nods his head and grins. I wasn't surprised; neither was he. He says it's been an honor to play with the others, but that he still doesn't want to hug Colby for longer than two seconds. As Bozo the Keith makes a surprisingly accident-free exit, Colby shakes his head like, "What in Texas tarnation did I just do?" Meanwhile, Tina examines her exciting fingernails.

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