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In the morning, the S2 hug and pack up the camp. They may be the castaways, but I'm the one who's dying here. Couldn't they have injected some excitement into this? There's been about two viably interesting minutes out of everything we've seen so far. Colby tells us that it's a great day, and that they've done all they can do regarding how the game plays out. Tina tells us that she feels joy, peace, and closure; she's going to spend the day taking "visual pictures." As opposed to the other, non-visual kind. Suddenly the two of them are perched together on a giant rock and you can't tell me Mark Burnett didn't carry them up there himself. Colby tells us that they are at the highest point visible from their camp, and that this is the appropriate place for them to be. They count kangaroos and Colby says he'll miss "kangaroos running wild." Tina tells us that Colby's actions are "wide open" and that he didn't go on Survivor to make friends. A well-spoken Colby then earnestly tells us that you've got to wear both a white hat and a black hat while playing the game, and that "you've got to switch hats a lot." He concludes, "Hopefully in the end you wore a white hat more of the time than you did a black hat." And I think he did. It's then time for Colby to praise Tina; he says she's played the game artfully and has known the whole time where she was headed.

Together again, Colby tells Tina he's learned to cherish "life's subtleties," but apparently not the subtleties of conversation. Tina calls Colby "pretty heavy." Colby and Tina then agree that the winner will take home the Barramundi flag. Colby's happy as long as he gets his Texas flag back. Tina says it's important for them to break down the camp as a tribute to their experiences there. As opposed to because it's not their property and that's the respectful thing to do. Can you tell I'm getting cranky? Too much repetitive recapping makes Joanna a cranky recapper. Tina tells us that the day they built the shelter was very tough and that taking it down says it was worth it "because look where I am." Colby then tells us that day was Tina's lowest point. Tina interjects, "I was not only physically low, I was mentally pretty low." She says she wondered how many more days she'd have to endure this, and that's funny because I'm wondering right now how many more ways I'll have to endure this. Seriously, I'm going to write Mark Burnett a letter. Because he'll listen to me. Colby tells us that it means so much to win the game because he has invested a great deal in playing -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Tina then says that lately she's been wondering whether she went through all the hardships of Survivor to give "somebody like Elisabeth" the million dollars, or whether she deserves it for herself. In an interview, Colby tells us that he's played selfishly, but that he didn't choose Tina out of selfishness. He says if he was one hundred percent selfish he would have chosen to go into the finals with Bozo the Keith, because he's certain he could have won. Meanwhile, he doesn't believe he even has a fifty/fifty shot against Tina. And here I'll say I'm a little tired of people calling Colby dumb. He knew what he was getting into, and he made that choice for himself. You may not have done it, but you didn't get that far in the first place. I think it was kind of noble. Even if it was kind of stupid, and even if Tina sucks.

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