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Tina and Colby are still. Packing. Up. Colby puts on his Texas flagdana. As they buckle up their matching burlap sacks, Tina says, "You'll never walk this road again." They hug for the sixty-fifth time this episode, thank each other, and conclude that it's been unbelievable. They then compare their torches. I think they're trying to figure out which is which. Colby says, "Rock and roll. Make tracks. Don't look back." Sad music as we look back at the abandoned camp. Suddenly -- a light to guide us through the darkness -- Rodger is telling us in an interview that he will shake the winner's hand, because he knows it's not an easy game. He looks very clean-shaven and young. Well, younger. He's apparently borrowed Elisabeth's high horse for this interview and says he hopes the winner played the game as morally and ethically as possible. He says that he hasn't yet made up his mind regarding who he's going to vote for. Alicia tells us that it all comes down to just one night, and that she has her questions lined up. She thinks that the night will prove who's still on his toes. Lamber tells us that she hates the feeling of giving away the million dollars because she wants it for herself. ["I suspect that Amber doesn't fully understand how the game works." -- Wing Chun] Bozo the Keith tells us that the night's a big deal. He says that Colby is strong, competitive, and athletic, but that Tina has proven that an individual doesn't have to be the strongest to succeed.. He says, "There's one that didn't win anything, and there's one that won almost everything," and that shows how important it is not to give up. Nick tells us that the hardest part of the game is knowing who is genuine. Colby is smarter than Nick first thought, but he's learned that Tina is "more of a mastermind." Evil Jerri rubs her hands together gleefully and twirls her handlebar mustache when she says, "I'm in a position of power again. And I like it!" She's ready to vote, because Tina and Colby backstabbed her and she wants to force them to "look into what they became in this game vs. who they claim to be in their real lives." Elisabeth tells us that she's surprised Colby didn't pick Bozo the Keith, because Colby would "have a much cleaner shot at it" if he had. She then says, "Do I think the best person can win? I think there's always that possibly. Will the best person win? Well, that's in the hands of a bunch of people who think they are the best one." And as much as I wish Elisabeth would get a new ride, I think she's dead-on.

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