The Ocean's Surprise

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Therein Lies the Grub

Sook Jai decides to sit out Erin and Ken, and the tribes are off -- back and forth, back and forth -- with the fish! Chuay Gahn appears to take the fish-tossing method initially, which is not particularly efficient. Ted stuffs an entire squid into his mouth, and then fills his hands with others. He runs to the squid bin and spits the squid into it. Soon, they all take up this method. Stompanie stuffs five silverfish in her mouth and then packs fifteen or so in her hands. Peachy grudgingly applauds her effort. Clay chucks a squid toward the bin, and conks Brian on the head with one. Peachy exclaims, "Nice shot, Clay!" but Brian is not nearly as amused; he scolds Clay for making him do "double work." Jan also attempts the mouth-stuffing method of fish delivery, but every time she puts a fish in her mouth, another fish falls out. Peachy congratulates Robb, who has sought out a fallen fish, on his "good eyes," and then tells the others, "You guys are not gonna want to dig around in this sand. Don't think I'm not watchin'...'cause I am!" We see that Chuay Gahn has taken the lead, and suddenly the Chuay Gahn bin is empty. Ted yells, "Check! Check! Check! Check!" I wouldn't want to be his waiter. Jan hits all fours and starts manically crawling around in the sand. Ted finds a last fish under their barrel, and places it in the appropriate bin. Peachy, however, knows that one fish has been sorted incorrectly and that it's "sittin' out there waitin' to be discovered." So Sook Jai continues sorting until Brian digs out the errant fish and relocates it. Peachy proclaims Chuay Gahn the winning tribe, and Ted commences with the God-thanking. Ted kisses Brian, and Brian pulls away, looking slightly horrified. Jake is very pissed off, and I would be too if I had to touch all those nasty fish for no good reason. Clay claims the idol for Chuay Gahn, and carries it back to camp on his head.

Sook Jai is back at camp, debating the finer points of the opposing tribe. Shii Devil asks which Chuay Gahn member is Stompanie's favorite, and Stompanie thinks they all seem really nice. Shii Devil agrees. In an interview, Stompanie wistfully wishes she'd switched tribes when she had the chance. She not only had a better chance on Chuay Gahn, but she thinks she would have had more fun, as well. She says that everyone around camp is "blah," which is actually one insulting word I wouldn't use to describe Robb. Stompanie also feels like the other members off Sook Jai are "out to git [sic]" her. She could be wrong, but she thinks she's next.

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