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It's sunset and time for the customary tribal trill. As the tribe members arrive and set up their torches, Peachy tells them the task at hand is to vote out another member. He calls out Robb for the "straight scoop," and asks his impression of the other tribe. Robb thinks they seem like "a happy bunch of people" who get along with each other. He says, "Good for them, man." Peachy then asks whether Robb thinks Sook Jai is stronger than Chuay Gahn, and Robb lightly answers, "For sure, without a doubt. Come on, bro." Peachy's ready for this one. He fires back, "'Come on, bro'? Who's sittin' at Tribal Council?" Robb points out that its just one Tribal Council of many, and that Sook Jai's still ahead. Peachy snits, "I'm just thinkin' you're not kickin' their ass!" Robb "mmmmmm"s and says, "We'll see what the future holds for Chuay Gahn." Peachy -- who's not letting him off the hook so easily -- snarks, "All I know is tonight's somebody's goin' home because you guys lost today. So. That is a fact." Robb responds, "That is a fact, Jack," as his tribe looks at him in disbelief for getting into it with Peachy.

Peachy asks Stompanie if she was able to contribute to the tribe when she was sick, and she says she was. She then takes it just a little too far by going on about how proud she is of her tribe because they weren't initially in "Survivor mode." She condescends that shelter shouldn't have been their focus, when food and water were a clear priority. She says, "They've come a long way. They're doin' a whole lot better." The tribe looks perplexed at Stompanie's amazing lack of diplomacy. Ken flatly tells Peachy that he isn't surprised by Stompanie's attitude; he says it was obvious from the beginning that she wasn't interested in helping with the shelter. Peachy next asks who is willing to admit he or she was intrigued by Peachy's offer to switch tribes. Shii Devil says she thought about it, but really likes her tribe, feels comfortable there, and doesn't want to switch "at this time." It time to vote, and it's Penny's turn to go first. Yippee!

Incense burns inside the little voting shack. I never noticed that before. Strangely pigtailed Penny votes for Stompanie based on some "not very nice" words, as well as behavior "that a few of [them] didn't appreciate." Stompanie votes for "Shi," who she says is a "sweet girl," but then tells her, "You really get on my nerves!" Ken votes for Stompanie; he calls her a "beautiful, beautiful person," and wishes she hadn't alienated herself from the start because "then [the tribe] could have seen just how [sic] beautiful person [Stompanie] really were." Finally, Robb votes for Shii Devil: "Sorry, girl. You get on my nerves and I don't like bein' around you. Nothin' personal." And also, she smells funky and her clothes are ugly and she has a terrible haircut and she's a little on the skinny side and her name is hard to pronounce, but again -- nothing personal in that.

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