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Therein Lies the Grub

So there's no tribal switcheroo just yet, and it's time to move on. It's the same scenario as Survivor auctions past, except this time they are bidding as tribes. Each group has $1,000 in U.S. dollars; the auction will stop suddenly and without warning; there is a limited number of items. Peachy encourages the S12 to be greedy or conservative at their leisure, before revealing the first item: a hamburger and fries with "all the fixin's!" He starts the bidding at $20, and no one jumps in. Peachy chides them, "Don't tell me you're thinkin' about this at $20 bucks!" Clay says, "Hell, $20 bucks!" and throws Chuay Gahn's buff into the ring. Sook Jai also gets into the bidding, with Ken as their apparent leader. When the bidding reaches $120, Chuay Gahn bows out, so Sook Jai gets the burger. Peachy congratulates the tribe as Shii Devil heads down to collect it. Ted -- without an ounce of humor -- points out that Sook Jai didn't pay for it, so Peachy summons Shii Devil back to fork over the money. The tribe members suck up the reward, and Clay whines, "Could somebody please take a bite for me?"

The second item is a "big, cool pitcher of limeade." Chuay Gahn's in immediately with $20, and Sook Jai is still on a burger high, so lets them have it. They toast each other and drink the limeade. People winning and drinking limeade is not one of reality television's finer moments.

A mystery item in a small black pot follows, and Peachy will give the S12 no clue as to what it is. Peachy acts amazed at this point that Sook Jai has already finished off the hamburger, but they're sharing it between seven people, so he should be more amazed that Robb didn't claw someone's eye out for the last french fry. Robb responds, "That ketchup didn't even stand a chance, bro. It's gone!" The bidding looks like it will stop at $60, causing Peachy to exclaim, "Chuay Gahn's lookin' at a potential bargain." He successfully baits Sook Jai into upping the bet, and when they do, he can't swing that mallet fast enough. Hee. Robb brings down the money, and Peachy announces that their food item is "nicely seasoned, very healthy, organic, and indigenous." He gleefully removes the lid to reveal "baked grub." Robb initially passes on sampling a grub, then rethinks it when Peachy insists that they have a "lotta protein." Robb clarifies, "They're seasoned?" to which Peachy responds, "Yeah! And they're baked, not fried!" Except without the "not fried" part. Robb says, "You can't go from french fries to shrubs," which is true -- you've got to work your way up to the shrubs with a diet of leaves and branches. Seriously, I'm nearly positive he said "shrubs." As the tribe samples the regional fare, Peachy points out that Stompanie seems to like them; Shii Devil thinks they taste like mushrooms. Erin resists, but succumbs to Peachy's winning logic: "When else you gonna get a chance to eat a grub?" By her disgusted reaction, Erin won't be looking for that chance again.

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