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Tempura Battered

Jerry gets a chance to talk, as Probst asks him if he's surprised to see people trusting each other so early in the game. Probst obviously doesn't understand that Douche is (was) a soccer coach, and therefore knows everything about everyone. Jerry says trust is important, because if over half the tribe trusts you, you'll last much longer in the game than if they do not. Probst asks Jerry if it's difficult to vote someone out this early. Jerry says it is, because he's bonded with everyone in his tribe. Wouldn't that make it a lot harder as the game progresses and you get that much closer to everyone? Jerry doesn't make a lot of sense.

A musical stinger goes off as Erinn shakes her head at Jerry's comments. Probst notices it and asks her what her problem is. Erinn might want to practice hiding her feelings better in the future if she wants to stay in this game. She says the reality is that it's only been six days, so you really don't know anyone in the tribe, even the person you think you've bonded with the most. "I just think you need to be careful," Erinn says. Dumb Debbie frowns on such negativity and reasonableness, and speaks up to inform everyone that they aren't at the Holiday Inn. I think they know that by now, Debs. She says it's only been six days, but it's been an intense experience that creates a strong bond, starting with the trek. For someone who prides herself on not being negative, that sure was an asshole thing to say with Sierra sitting right there. Erinn says you might get to know people, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can trust them. I didn't like Erinn last week, but she clearly has a good head on her shoulders and will probably be eaten alive by all the other dumbasses on her tribe. Debbie says she has trust with several people on her tribe already. Has she never seen this show before? Moron!

With that, it's time to vote. We see Candace writing down Sierra's name. Sierra votes for Candace, saying she played a great physical game "but no one wants a snake in the grass." Then vote for Douche, Sierra. Candace wasn't trying to be sneaky; her downfall will be that she made her intentions too public. Douche goes off to vote with his coat over his shoulder like he's on the catwalk of a JC Penney fashion show. The editors cut to Probst, who has a perfect "what a douche" smirk on his face. Could it be any more obvious that everyone associated with this show hates Douche? I just hope the episode where he gets the boot is soon and satisfying.

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