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Tempura Battered

Taj, Stephen, and Sydney will be competing against Sierra, Candace, and Tyson. Probst tosses the ball, and Candace takes Sydney down as Stephen shows surprising athleticism in his run for the ball. Taj attempts to block Tyson from Stephen, but pretty much fails at that and Stephen is tackled. He gets the ball to Taj on his way down, and she airballs it. Weak, Taj. Meanwhile, Sydney and Candace are wrestling each other off on the other side of the court. Sydney has managed to free at least one of Candace's boobs from her bikini top. Tyson displays a millimeter of buttcrack as he gets the ball for Tempura, but the editors are on their game and blur it out. He throws it to Sierra, who loses it after a Taj tackle. Taj gets the ball and tries once more to shoot it, but it's an even worse shot than her first one and lands right in the hands of Candace, who managed to free herself from Sydney and is out in the open. She shoots and makes a basket, giving Tempura their first point.

Next up are JT, Joe, and Sandy against Erinn, Brendan, and Tyson. Why does Tyson get to go twice when other members of his tribe haven't gone at all yet? That's not fair. Then again, I'm all for seeing as little of Douche as possible. Probst tosses the ball out, and immediately Sandy takes Erinn down. Brendan gets the ball and passes it to Tyson, who is taken down by JT, much to Probst's delight. "BIG TAKEDOWN!" he cries, sounding jealous. Tyson gets the ball to Brendan, while Erinn is still stuck in the back with Sandy, who pulls on her bikini top with one hand while swinging her arm around, rodeo-style, with the other. Yes, these are the skills that made Sandy the Kentucky School Bus Rodeo state champion. Brendan misses his shot, but it lands close to Tyson and the basket, so he puts it in for an easy point. Hmmm ... JalapeƱo is looking awfully Fangish this season so far.

For the third round, the producers just couldn't resist making it ladies' night. Really, I'm surprised they lasted this long without one. Candace, Sierra, and Erinn are competing against Taj, Sydney, and Sandy. There's a pile-up for the ball, and Candace shows amazing strength by taking both Sierra and Sydney down with one hand. Taj shoves Erinn out of the way and jumps on top of Sierra, basically holding her underwater until she gives up the ball and/or drowns. Taj manages to throw a pretty much topless Candace off of her. She charges the basket with no one around but misses the shot. Candace gets it and shoots. She gets really close, but misses. Taj shoots and misses again, but Sydney's there to get the rebound. Hooray! No Fang blowouts this season!

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