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Tempura Battered

Jalapeño sans Taj return to camp and do a team cheer. Sandy interviews that she's glad they won, because if they'd lost the challenge there was a "fifty percent chance" she would have been voted out. Erm ... make that ninety-nine percent, Sandy. And that one percent is not for another member of your tribe to be voted off instead, but for a rogue lightning strike to hit the Tribal Council set and kill everyone and cancel the show. JT takes charge of the fishing, and gives a class on how to cast the net to catch bait fish. Stephen interviews that JT has become the tribe leader, and he's thrilled about that because he actually likes JT. He says he never would have met someone like JT back at home in the big city, so he's surprised that the more he learns about him, the more he likes. "He might just be seducing me with his pretty country ways, but I'm smitten," Stephen says. Hey, Stephen? You might not want to say things like that to JT if you want your relationship to stay intact. JT interviews basically the same thing, that he and Stephen get along well even though they're very different people. With that, Stephen sets off to go spear fishing as JT watches. Stephen surfaces and reports that he saw a ton of fish, but caught nothing. Even so, Stephen says the trip was productive in that it cemented their bond, even though that bond positions Stephen as JT's "goofy awkward right-hand man."

Time to go to Exile "Island," which is no more an island this season than it was last season. Brendan and Taj find a pot, a knife, and rice waiting for them. Brendan interviews that he's hungrier for information than food right now. They hike up a big sand dune as instructed by the producers and find a table and two urns. They are to pick one urn each. Taj's is empty, but Brendan's has a scroll and the instructions to open it in private. "Aw, crap!" Taj says, knowing exactly where this is going. Brendan's scroll is a clue to the hidden immunity idol, which simply says that the idol can be found in "tribal homelands." That's not much to go on, but I bet Sugar could figure it out! Brendan, on the other hand, has no idea what the tribal homelands are. But he's got an entire giant sand hill to dig through and no Debbie to interrupt this time. Along with the clue is another piece of paper that tells Brendan he can return to Tempura or join the Jalapeño tribe, which the producers think "has the potential to turn this game on its head." Not before a tribe switch, it doesn't. Brendan interviews that there is no way he'll switch to the Jalapeño tribe. I would, but only because it would mean no more Douche.

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