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Tempura Battered

Brendan returns to camp. Douche demonstrates a modicum of physical skill by being the first one to jump up and greet him. Brendan describes Exile "Island" truthfully except for one minor detail -- he says Taj got the urn with the clue in it, and she went off to look for it while he set up camp. He has no idea if she found it or not, but he thinks she's on the outs with her tribe. Brendan interviews that he's not going to tell anyone about the hidden idol at camp since his clue is way too general to be of much use. Meanwhile, he had a clue about digging ten paces away from a stick and he still couldn't get that, so he's going to have to wait until the urn comes with a GPS unit before he has much of a chance.

Candace corners off with Erinn and rallies to vote Douche out tonight. Erinn agrees that Douche looks strong, but really isn't. The only problem is, they think it's too soon to vote him out.

Sometime later, several people, including Douche and Candace, are sitting around the shelter that Sierra built. Tyson says they need to vote in a way that will make the tribe stronger. Douche agrees that they should "stick to the plan." Erinn asks for clarification as to what that plan is, and Douche says it's to vote Sierra out. Sierra has stupidly wandered off away from her tribe so as to allow this conversation to take place. She'd better be off getting an idol or there is no excuse for this. Douche tells us that the girls think Sierra is going home tonight, but he's going to get rid of Candace instead. He claims this will help the entire tribe as opposed to just Douche and Douche's ego.

But then there's more! Tyson talks to Jerry about his thoughts. Jerry doesn't seems to have many, agreeing that Candace is negative but also thinking about voting for Sierra. Tyson interviews that he'd rather get rid of Sierra, since she's "too small" for physical challenges like the one they had yesterday. Shut up, Tyson. Sierra and Candace were the best female performers for Tempura in the challenge. Erinn got taken down by a bus driver and Debbie sat out. Meanwhile, you were held back by freaking Sydney, which gave Stephen time to score the winning basket. So stop saying that Sierra's physical ability has anything to do with your vote tonight.

Douche sees women bathing in the water and sidles up to them to tell them that the plan tonight is to vote out Candace. Sierra doesn't really believe Douche when he says he isn't voting for her, but he says he makes his living off of people trusting him. Huh? Isn't he an (ex-)soccer coach and a conductor? How do either of those professions require a certain level of trust? He's not a CIA agent, even though I bet that he fantasizes about it late at night. He tells Debbie and Sierra to vote for Candace, being sure to caress Sierra's arm as he does so. EWWWW. Sierra interviews that despite what Douche told her, she knows her tribe wanted her gone before and they probably still feel that way. Douche tells Sierra to stop worrying. Sierra says she isn't worrying. Douche insists that she is worrying, then shows off his T-shirt tan. Sierra tells us that she is, indeed, worrying as she never found the idol. Moron!

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