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Tempura Battered

Time lapse clouds race across the sky, and then ... wait, what? We're STILL not at Tribal? Geez. Candace and Erinn chat again. They're both sure they're strong enough not to be in danger tonight, especially since the men have been talking about voting Sierra out for the last six days. Erinn's still worried, but Candace tells her not to be: "it ain't you or me. They know what we're worth." Candace interviews that if Sierra doesn't go home tonight "then there's some mad shadiness going on around this tribe." I wonder if she talks like that in her closing statements. "If my client is not found innocent of all charges, then let the record show some mad shadiness going on around this jury. Break it down." Meanwhile, Tyson and Jerry just sit around and watch everyone scurry around and laugh at how scheme-y everyone is so early in the game as if either of them is above it.

FINALLY, we go to Tribal Council. Probst gives them the fire/torch/life speech and talks to Sierra first, asking her how she felt when she thought she had been voted out. Sierra says part of her wanted to give up and her face said so, so the way her team voted made sense at the time. Probst asks Tyson how he felt about Sierra. Tyson says she looked miserable and didn't help them pull anything off the truck. Probst then turns to Candace and asks if people talked about Sierra during the trek. Questions are coming fast and furious this week! Probst must have somewhere else to be tonight. Candace says there was some resentment because Sierra got to take a helicopter and they didn't, as if Sierra did this to screw the tribe over and not because it was her "reward" for almost being voted out. Probst asks Candace how she thinks the rest of the tribe feels about her. Candace thinks she gets along with everyone just fine, but she knows she has a tendency to talk a lot and "you never know." We cut over to Douche, of course, who smiles smugly, also of course.

Probst decides to talk to Douche, and asks him if anyone would tell him if he didn't "mesh" with the tribe this early in the game. Douche just says that you have to use your intuition to know how others feel about you, because no one is going to come out and say it. I hope they do soon, though. If Douche makes it to the jury, I will be so very sad.

Probst asks Brendan about Exile. He says it was "cool" to check it out and to meet Taj. For some reason, this means another question for Douche, as Probst asks him how everyone else felt about Brendan's Exile stay. Douche tells us that Brendan told them about the two urns and that Brendan didn't get the clue, and Douche trusts and respects Brendan "one hundred percent" that he was telling the truth about that. Douche is doing a really great job with that intuition thing, you guys. He really has these people figured out.

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