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Feel the Warmth of a Cold (Bat) Nose

Penny wears some sort of ribbons -- or perhaps multiple buffs? -- in her pigtails. She needs a new 'do. We don't see her vote, or Jake's either. Shii Devil holds up Robb's name as she says, "An old proverb: 'A wise man knows much, but says little. A fool knows little, but says far too much.'" She was just starting to like him, but he has to go -- no hard feelings. The only other vote we see is Robb's for Shii Devil. He says, "No hard feelings, baby. I had to vote for somebody." Although they've had their ups and downs, he's glad he got to know her. Mostly because he now knows to avoid meeting all those nasty fellow city girls in the future.

Peachy's off to tally, and there's no suspense this week. Shii Devil gets the first vote, and the rest are all for Robb. He's clearly aware that he's going, and his only issue seems to be that the members of his tribe misspelled his name when voting. He grins and says, "It's two 'B's! Two 'B's, guys!" Not one of the voters manages to get the spelling right, but then, maybe they refuse to write the second "B" out of principle. So Robb is headed home, and Shii Devil watches him go with a smug smile. Robb makes what could be the longest departure ever, as he shakes hands and hugs various members of the tribe, then bangs his chest in a show of solidarity and love. After he finally exits, Peachy says that the tribe has clearly experienced some "spiritual growth," and points out the irony in the fact that the person who inspired the group catharsis is the same person they just voted out. D'oh!

Next time on Survivor, Brian becomes "the life of the party" by sticking his fingers down his throat and vomiting. Ken worries that Shii Devil might be branded a rat for the rest of her life, which would be as bad as being branded a nasty eater. And will the tribes merge?

As the credits roll, Robb continues his weepy journey of spiritual growth. He embraces the moment and wants to express his gratitude, because the Survivor experience has "broadened [his] horizons -- made [him] think of the importance of family and life and love." He never expected to leave the game feeling so inspired and excited. He says he loves the others, and he knows he's already a whiner -- I mean, "a winner." He really holds the audience's hearts in his hands during this special moment, which -- and I think I speak for all of us here -- is vastly preferred to holding our throats.

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