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Feel the Warmth of a Cold (Bat) Nose

As the men swim toward the island, Ted points out that the tide is growing stronger. Helen voice-overs that Brian is a good swimmer, but that even good swimmers can get into trouble. Clay and Ted, however, she wouldn't even "classify as swimmers." She says that Clay did bring along his water wings, but that Ted doesn't have anything. We rejoin the men as Ted realizes he's not even swimming in the right direction. Brian encourages him to "breast-stroke" over to the proper place. Brian can call it anything he likes, but it's not breast-stroking. It's not even swimming, really. Ted's just being carried along by the current. The camera pans back to show how far from land the three men are. As we see shots of a flailing, semi-swimming Ted, he voice-overs that his skills have vastly improved during his time on the island. Clay then tells us in an interview that it seemed like they were getting further away and "we wasn't [sic] leavin' this beach!" When they got halfway to the island, he said to himself, "Man, I'm not too sure I'm too proud I decided to come do this!" Finally, they make it to the island and begin to look for the boat. Clay says that if he ever has to make such a trip again, he'll bring a hamburger in his backpack. Exhausted from the trip, he tells us that if he had a "little bitty pillow," he would have gone to sleep right there. Brian voice-overs that he swam ahead, but that there was "no boat in sight anywhere," and then Ted tells the others that they've covered all the possible ground and the boat is probably "halfway to Malaysia." As far as Clay is concerned, "It's not in this whole side the world. It's gone." The camera quickly pans the island it did last time to show how far away the boat was from Chuay Gahn's beach, but this time the boat is nowhere in sight. Clay wraps up the Big Betsy segment: "I don't think anybody wants to talk about that boat no more."

At Sook Jai, a chicken casts a wary eye on the members of the tribe. Erin hacks at a coconut, while Ken frantically fiddles with his cap. He may have just signaled an infield fly. In any case, Robb announces that he's "starving, bro," as he digs into the bananas for "a good one." Ken shakes his head and walks away, before telling us in an interview that they'd agreed to refrain from eating the bananas at whim because "Robb's capable of eating twenty bananas a day; Penny's not." Ken runs over to the others to confirm the agreement; Penny isn't sure, but Erin insists that they agreed to wait on eating the bananas. Ken reveals that Robb is "in there diggin'" right now. Robb snits to the camera, "I was hungry so I had a banana. I don't think anyone wants to have to ask somebody if they can have a banana." ["I guess Robb was too busy getting pierced to have seen previous seasons of this show, in which people have been voted out for no reason other than pilfering food." -- Wing Chun] He complains that Ken "took it upon himself to be the policeman out here." Ken further questions whether it's a "free-for-all" on the bananas, and Robb explains again that he'll indulge when he's hungry. In complete disregard (and seeming ignorance) of the tribe's decision, Robb states, "People are gonna be hungry; they're gonna eat a banana." Seriously, how many times can two people say the word "banana" in two minutes? Because Robb and Ken just set a record. Shii Devil can't stay out of an argument and adds, "Are we just eating the bananas whenever, then?" Robb repeats his new mantra, "I'm hungry, I'm gon' eat a banana." Shii Devil pushes the issue, but Robb doesn't "even wanna hear the word." Maybe he should stop saying it, then. Shii Devil insists that she's not trying to squabble, but that she needs the system defined or some such Human Resources jargon. The issue appears to be a done deal for Robb, as Shii Devil mumbles that he's eaten more than anyone else has. Penny voice-overs that she pulled Shii Devil aside and told her to stay out of it. She doesn't know why Robb and Ken "continue to act like children," and she thinks they need to be left alone to work it out. Hee. Robb and Ken need a time-out.

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