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Feel the Warmth of a Cold (Bat) Nose

We now join the feast, where it looks like there's at least a bottle of wine for each member of the tribe. But however many bottles of wine there are, there aren't nearly as many as there are pineapples. The tribe rejoices, and Penny says the tea is so good, she could "drink it like milk." They are particularly excited about having such plentiful drinking water with ice cubes. Robb couldn't imagine a more perfect setting or feast because now the little things -- ice water, clean plates and utensils, and "napkins to wipe our faces" -- mean so much to him. Penny makes an icky face as she says, "What is this?" over a particular food item. Shii Devil responds, "That's, um, shredded pork...or shrimp." And either she sees the two items as interchangeable (which is entirely possible given her indiscriminating eating habits), or this is an example of her oft-cited know-it-allness. They exclaim over and pass a huge prawn around the table. This prawn could not be mistaken for pork, although it could be mistaken for an entire small pig. Erin thinks it's "crazy" that they're eating with "gold utensils"; she tells us in an interview that she wasn't expecting something so ornate and extravagant, and that she felt like royalty sitting there. This comment is juxtaposed with a big, royal burp from Robb. A group of Thai entertainers arrive and begin playing a xylophone-like instrument. Maybe it is a xylophone, but I'm assuming it has some Thai significance. The tribe continues to orgasm over the meal, and then a possibly drunken Robb waxes sentimental -- he is proud that the tribe came together after the morning's drama, and says the reward is better than anything he could have imagined. Penny drawls, "We love you, Robb." She then tells us in an interview that Robb was a key factor in their win; if there were an MVP award, he would have won it "for sure." Penny, by the way, would have won "Best Personality!" Erin points out that just this morning they were fighting over "unripe bananas," and the others -- including a hard-pressed Ken -- laugh. Shii Devil eloquently sums it up: "The morning was retarded." Clearly, she's been around Robb too long. The Thai musicians are joined by very pretty, hand-motioning dancers. Shii Devil doesn't call the dancers "retarded." In fact, she rejoices in seeing some local culture, and thinks the dancing and music were wonderful. She felt for a second like they were "maybe even friends" enjoying each other's company and sharing a meal; they were able to put aside the game momentarily: "That rarely happens for Sook Jai." They walk back over a sunset bridge.

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