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Feel the Warmth of a Cold (Bat) Nose

Oooh, a sleek little otter ducks and swims in the water! He's so cute! The tribe admires the sunrise and Clay exclaims, "Man, ain't that pretty!" Ted makes a fuss of saying he feels a merger is coming -- like it's some huge prediction and not something that's happened for the last five consecutive seasons. He tells us in an interview that, although he's been horrible at predicting the events of the game so far, he suspects a merger will happen "very, very, very soon." A veritable pre-cog, he says, "I kind of have a feeling, man." Clay agrees with Ted, and guarantees that the merge will happen before the next two immunities. Ted explains that they need the immunity badly because Sook Jai is up by one person right now. A victory in the next challenge will provide an even playing field: it'll be like starting the game all over again, but without some of the annoying people! Clay conveniently disappears, and Ted asks if Brian is "still in play"; Brian agrees that he is. The two men giggle and do their secret fist bop. In an interview, Brian explains that he and Ted have a strong relationship, along with a "certain lingo that [they] talk about" that lets them know "exactly where [their] head's at." Their collective, giant head. There it is again. Ted tells Brian that when they merge, it will be important for the tribe to stay unified. In an interview, Brian says that "no one needs to know of [their] strong friendship," and that they're trying to see if any of their tribemates are "playing them." As Clay ambles over, Brian says, "I think Clay's tryin' to figure us out." This whole segment is made to look as though Clay is suspiciously snooping around, but I think that "skeptically dismayed" is his default expression. Ted says that if the subject comes up, they should pretend they don't know what he's talking about. Ted is once again covered in the yellow cruddy flecks during this segment. Ted camera-talks that if the others discover their secret alliance, "it could bite [them]" and potentially ruin the rest of their game plan. I guess he prefers to be the biter, not the bitee. Again, the camera closes in on Clay's "What is that peculiar odor and why is it coming from Jan?" face; he then reassumes his sexy recline in the shelter.

A shot of a butterfly precedes a shot of a scorpion. Because there's so much beauty out there, but so much danger as well! Did you get that? Mostly, I just got "oooh, pretty" and "ew, yuck!" Robb "dude"s and "Oh my God"s his way through a conversation with Ken about how he can't wait to eat another Thai meal, but he knows it will never be in as beautiful a place. They hike through the woods as Robb voice-overs his amazement regarding the prior day's experience. His mind was opened up and, although he doesn't think he was taking the experience for granted before, he now appreciates it more. For those of us needing proof, the camera closes in on Robb appreciating a snakeskin. He wonders what animal shed it, and then an animal that likely did not shed it stares at him and slithers. Robb explains that he and Ken walked way into the jungle -- the furthest he's been since coming to the island. That's no surprise, since the S16 tend to have as much inclination to explore their surroundings as they do to display any useful survival skills. To Ken's obvious discomfort, Robb whistles to get the attention of bats. When Robb exclaims, "There's bats flyin' all over the place inside!" Ken evenly responds, "I know there are," as if he's talking to a two-year-old who just discovered a jar full of Elmo cookies. As Robb continues to enthuse spastically over the bats, Ken tries to quiet him down: "If you freak 'em out, they're all gonna fly out!" Bats fly at the camera for effect. Robb is positively twitching with excitement. He is amazed to be able to walk to such a beautiful place. And well he should be, because generally, creatures with Robb's mental capacity are not able to walk-- not on two legs, anyway. Robb tells Ken he never thought he'd be sitting in a cave in the middle of a jungle in Thailand while savoring a banana and a canteen of water that's "warm as piss and tastes even worse." He voice-overs that he'll never be there again in his life, and I don't blame the Thais -- I wouldn't let him back in my country, either. Robb has done a lot of thinking, and everything is now in perspective for him. This, he says, is a result of the fact that he and Ken "really squashed the beef." Robb says Ken "made [him] make sense of [him]self," and not many people have done that. Especially considering there's no apparent sense to be had.

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