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Jeff asks Cirie how everyone is getting along, and she says it's all fine until tribal council days, when things break down into old tribes. Asked whether she thinks about the fact that somebody in her six-person alliance "might be looking ahead" to what comes after F6, Courtney says that any smart person looks farther down the line. Shane breaks in to remind everyone that the hidden idol could cause one of them to go home. See how that's what they fear? See how you can tell from the fact that this is their one fear that it's the thing you need to do to them?

Jeff asks Chiclets about how to deal with people on the bottom of any alliance flipping, and she gives a non-answer about how she goes with her gut at any given moment. Nonresponsive! Jeff asks Bruce whether he thinks about whether he's first to go from his group, and Bruce claims that he's been thinking that the whole time. "They could just be setting me up for the fall," he says. Jeff asks Shane how much time he spends thinking about how secure his alliance is. Shane says that he's not too stressed, because even if somebody were to flip, it's still 5-4 in his favor. "It's impossible that two of us would do it," he says, immediately causing the universe itself to lean forward expectantly, hoping to see six votes for Aras.

Now, Jeff points out that Terry has the immunity necklace, and that they might see later whether the idol comes into play. Time to vote. Austin votes for Aras. "Best of luck to you, buddy," he says. Cirie votes. Aras votes. Courtney votes. Terry votes for Aras, calling him the "biggest threat." Sally votes. Shane votes. Chiclets votes. Bruce votes for someone whose name starts with an "A." People who have not had their hearts broken by this show enough times all gasp in anticipation and excitement.

Time to read votes! The first is for Aras. Then Aras again. Then one for Austin. Aras. Austin. Austin. Austin. Austin. So Austin is going home unless he has the idol in his possession. Austin goes for his torch; he does not have the idol. Aras...smirks! Of course. The La Minans trade hugs, and Austin is snuffed. Jeff tells them all that they're now voting off people who will be on the jury, know. Look out. They all go back to camp.

Next week: Terry is arrogant. Shane is chafing. There is an opportunity to sit out the immunity challenge, it appears.

In his exit interview, Austin tells us that he struggled with integrity, he's happy he's on the jury, and he wishes everyone well. I wish him well, too. Not a rocket scientist, but seemed like a nice boy.

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