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The teams are: Terry/Shane/Austin; Cirie/Chiclets/Courtney; and Aras/Sally/Bruce. Those didn't break out very evenly, did they? Ready? Go! The teams start carrying their coconuts down to the boats. After a couple of trips, Aras stops Chiclets -- who's on a different team than he is, you will recall -- and tells her to put her coconuts into the Austin/Shane/Terry boat rather than the Aras/Sally/Bruce boat, on the basis that Aras is not putting them in her boat. So...what is Chiclets to think? That this is for her benefit? Because if all the coconuts go into Terry/Shane/Austin's boat, then it's going to be a contest between Chiclets's team and Aras's team, and he knows he would probably beat her, and so does she, so why in the hell would she listen to Aras? Oh, that's right. Because she's a dipwad. It's so easy to forget the little things. Strategy is complicated! So Chiclets obediently does as Aras tells her to do, loading up the Austin/Shane/Terry boat and giving Aras as much of a free ride as possible. Seriously, if she's going to work for him, she ought to get paid, and then she can just march up and down the beach wearing a sandwich board that says "ARAS IS THE GREATEST."

The bigger problem for the women, in addition to getting bossed around by Aras, is that they're slow anyway, so they're nowhere near getting all their coconuts down the beach and into boats. At roughly the same time, Aras/Sally/Bruce and Austin/Terry/Shane get into their boats and leave. The three women are so far behind that they have to put their coconuts into the only boat left, which is their own. That is very, very depressing. As the teams paddle, Aras/Sally/Bruce pick up a lead, probably in part because they have so many fewer coconuts in their boat. The teams in the lead are still pretty much tied as the unloading begins, and Terry immediately makes everything worse by tossing coconuts haphazardly out of the boat, and then you learn that Terry is not Tom Westman when he makes the decision that seals their fate in the challenge, which is to head up the beach with about half of their coconuts, planning to make a second trip. That will not work, dude. Seriously the wrong call, I think. The net does not look so overwhelmingly full that they were at its limit and had no choice. They just didn't do that wisely. Bruce/Aras/Sally head up the beach with all their coconuts, and although a brief moment of suspense results when Sally has to run back for the tribe flag at the last minute, Aras's plan to win by making Chiclets and her group throw themselves at his feet is successful, and he wins the reward.

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