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Breakfast In Soaking Wet Bed

The news comes to Bruce, Aras, and Sally that they have to send not one person but two people to Exile Island -- one from each of the other two groups. Without any apparent consultation with anyone else, Aras announces that they will be sending Chiclets and Austin. Because Aras, while he can occasionally get an idiot like Chiclets to do his bidding, is not a rocket scientist, or he would have figured out that he has to send one member of Casaya, since the women's team is all-Casayan, so his best move would be to send another member of Casaya as well -- meaning that you send Shane, not Austin. Why send two people off when one of them is only moderately loyal to you and the other one is going to work on her the whole time? Send Shane off with Cirie or something; that causes far fewer potential problems. Yeah, Shane could get pissed off, but he really has very few options at this point, since he's not going to flip on you for that, I don't think. Of course, there would also have been the option know, consulting the other people who were supposed to be deciding. Anyway. Chiclets and Austin it is. They head out on their boat, and the rest of the group heads back to camp.

Next thing you know, it is a very rainy Day 20 at Gitanos. Sally and Aras are talking about the "mind over matter" of preparing to enjoy the reward in spite of the rain. She talks about how great it's going to be to have breakfast in bed with Bruce and Aras, although part of it is ironic. Aras interviews that he woke up early, and that they had to sit there and wait for the boat. He also explains that, as soon as he won, he realized that he had "exposed a little bit of [his] athleticism," and that he had exposed "a lot of [his] wit." I think that was pretty much all of his wit, actually, not that there's all that much wit in the way he chose people to be banished. Telling a girl who's barely smart enough to tie her shoes that she should do what you say doesn't constitute wit in my book.

Finally, the boat arrives to take the group to breakfast, and they all head out, bidding farewell to the miserable ones left behind. The boat heads out into the water, and now it seems to be pouring rain again, and they're getting sopping wet. The boat arrives at a sandbar where there is a beautiful canopy bed, just sort of out on the beach in the rain, and this is their reward. HA HA HA! Awesome. It's like a rain delay at a Mariah Carey video. They walk to the bed and find that it's soaked through, and that the sheets are sopping wet. They are apparently made to get into the soaking bed anyway, because this is Burnett's playground and you will have fun, so they "snuggle" into the wet sheets and are finally served breakfast. As Sally explains it, as soon as they got the food, all was forgiven. They get coffee and juice and food and so forth, and Bruce says it was "fit for a king." Aside from the bacon, though, I'm not sure how much of it qualifies as the kind of food you'd actually need at this point. It's not like your body is dying to be nourished by a Danish. There's some fruit, and that's good, but it is not a protein-rich meal. They also drink mimosas, which would make me so sick in this situation, I cannot tell you. I'm always shocked that people can drink alcohol like they do when they're this starving for food.

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