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Breakfast In Soaking Wet Bed

Back at Gitanos, Terry and Shane are talking, and Terry is trying hard for a casual vibe while chattering on about why Aras picked Danielle. Terry tells us that he was trying to "coax out" what the structure of the alliance was, so that he could pluck off the people on the bottom. And you know, I'm thinking that Shane is unlikely to think that Terry is just talking to him about the workings of his alliance for absolutely no reason. I'm thinking Shane is going to catch on to this. And he's...Shane, you know? Of course, what's great is that Terry wouldn't actually need to know who's on the bottom. All he would need to do is convincingly claim he knows who's on the bottom. But that would mean lying, so I guess that's out. Anyway, Terry pokes Crazy Shane for a while, and Crazy Shane (looking especially crazy and disconnected from reality at the moment) makes remarks about how Terry might have the idol. Terry counters that the idol would only go so far, after all. As for the final four, Shane says, "I think it'll be me, Aras, Cirie, and Courtney." "I think we should put twenty dollars on it, Shane," Terry comments with what he thinks is an effortless grin. He then crows in an interview that he got this precious information out of Shane, that Bruce and Chiclets are at the bottom of that alliance. I'm not sure why he necessarily thinks that this information is all that valuable, given that Chiclets and Bruce aren't necessarily even going to believe it.

The breakfast group returns, and they talk and talk and talk about their wonderful breakfast. Do people learn nothing? I mean, nothing? Who doesn't know that you don't come back to a bunch of people who are both starving and petty and crow about all that you've had to eat? Cirie talks, just as someone does every season at about this time, about how obnoxious it was hearing all about the food over and over. Sally informs everyone that she ate fifteen strips of bacon. "I just couldn't eat any more bacon!" she says. "Those are quality problems," Shane grumps. Ha! I kind of feel him, which is the only time you will hear me say that, certainly. "'I couldn't finish my bacon, because there was too much,'" he mocks with dry hate, and for a moment, all is forgiven between me and Shane. Not only that, but Sally shows off the bulge in her belly while lying next to Courtney, who is downright emaciated. That is just...not that nice, really. "I didn't care how big your stomach was!" Cirie interviews. "That kind of pissed me off. We're starving, eating beans, and you're going, 'Look, hey, I'm so fuuuuull!'" Sally continues showing off the belly. Not smart, Sally. "I have to win something or I will die in Panama," Cirie remarks. Heh. I'd like to see her win something, but she doesn't seem to be a threat right now, I'm afraid.

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