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Breakfast In Soaking Wet Bed

Meanwhile, at Exile Island that night, things are not happy. Austin and Chiclets are apparently being made to spend two nights there, and they are shivering and miserable. "This sucks so bad," Austin says. He and Chiclets agree that this is for the birds, this out-all-night thing.

The next morning, we return to them, and they are still huddled under a blanket, and it is still pouring rain. "Exile is just miserable," Austin says. "This is the most miserable I've ever been in my life," he adds, explaining that it is both soaking wet and "cold as hell" on the island right now. We now see Austin and Chiclets huddled under a tree in their ongoing attempt to stay out of the worst of the rain. "This is putting up a strong fight to be the worst day here," he says. She concurs, but only because they haven't seen the previews for next week in which Shane appears to be flashing his naked junk at the tribe. Chiclets tells us that because everything is so wet, it's not like they can even build a fire, so they're really just hiding under a tree. On the up side, Austin explains that the torrential rains created the "quickest bonding experience" he's ever had. "Luckily, [Chiclets] and I got along great," he says. She concurs in her interview, saying that she was glad that it was Austin she got stuck with, because she got along well with him and established some trust with him. She adds that if something were to change with her alliance, it's good to know she has one other person available that she can go to. Thus proving my point that sending them off together was not a strategic masterstroke on the part of Aras.

Gitanos, Day 21. Sally and Terry are getting water as, nearby, a yellow frog looks on curiously. That is an awesome frog, incidentally. All frogs should be required to look just like that, or at least to dress that way for Halloween. Sally asks Terry whether he thinks Austin will hunt for the idol. "I don't know," he says. "Life will suck if they don't have fire," he offers. Sally comments in an interview that they're down to three La Minans, and that they don't have a viable way out that they can see. Sally asks an interesting question as she and Terry walk: "What happens if Austin and [Chiclets] found it? Who gets it?" Terry stops. "I have it," he says. "Are you serious?" she asks. "I am as serious as a heart attack," he replies. "I found it in twenty minutes." "Shut up!" she says happily. "No," he says, trying to be even more dramatic. "I have it. I've always had it." Sally interviews that upon finding out that Terry had the idol, she almost "pooped [her] pants," because she dug holes out there looking for it and he had it the whole time. Of course, she could have...asked him whether he had it, if she wanted to know so bad. She says she's thrilled to know that Terry has the idol. She adds that if Terry wins the next immunity challenge, he could give the idol to her or to Austin, and that she's "pumped."

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