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Elsewhere, Casaya has a meeting in which the only person thinking strategically, as it turns out, is Aras. Aras wants to vote against Sally, not Austin, because he thinks Terry may give the immunity idol -- if he has it -- to the most obvious target, which is Austin, and that if they vote against Austin and Austin has the idol, then the next most votes will go, and that will be...Aras! In other words, the thing Terry should do that he apparently hasn't thought of, Aras has thought of. Courtney sees this clearly as an effort to protect Aras individually and not the team collectively. Aras handles it really badly by making it into a thing where he accuses her of failing to protect him and Shane, rather than by just telling her that it doesn't matter which of them would get the votes -- the idea is avoiding voting for someone Terry will give the idol to, not protecting Aras. "You guys are nuts not getting rid of Austin right now," Courtney insists. She also insists that Terry would never given the idol to anyone the way Aras is thinking of -- which is going to turn out to be true. Cirie explains all of this in an interview, wrapping it up and explaining why, if they hit on the wrong vote and smack somebody who's going to produce the immunity idol, Aras could go home. "I'm not going along with your stupid idea," Courtney announces. Aras tells her that she should treat him with more respect, not that he's terrifically respectful himself when he's constantly going around lecturing the women on what to do and what not to do. Cirie defuses the situation by sending Aras off to go sit with Shane by the fire and not bicker with Courtney. Courtney interviews that this was the first time Aras "freaked [her] out," by which I think she means he treated her like crap. Courtney tells Chiclets and Cirie that she thinks the desire to get rid of Sally is about limiting the number of women so that they don't get together. Which, if you think about it, doesn't make a lot of sense, since the men are up on the women 5-4 right now. She also adds that the hidden idol has made things much more complicated -- and with that, I do agree, and it's nothing but good news, that. She says that, quite frankly, if Terry has the idol and Aras goes, it's not exactly going to break her heart. "Aras needs to be voted off at some point," she says. Oh, if only she had stuck with that simple, elegant sentiment.

Back at the fire, Aras gives Courtney a dirty look. He tells us that Courtney "has not displayed one bit of intelligence since she's been out here." He says that the men of Casaya "are not being protected by the tribe." He attributes this to either short-sightedness or lack of loyalty, in that maybe they don't even care if he gets voted off. I know I don't care if he gets voted off, that's for sure.

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