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Last week on Survivor, Sean sang about a brand new day; Vecepia knew the song, and Kathy pretended to. Zoe didn't like Tammy; Tammy didn't like Zoe, either, so that worked out okay. Paschal and Sean won a Marquesan feast, and Layla was pretty, but too young for Sean. Then, they smuggled some food back for the other members of Soliantu, and Tammy won immunity. Finally, Zoe got voted out and talked about herself in the third person. Seven are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Also last week, I forgot to turn off my VCR after setting the tape, and thus returned home to an old episode of Alias instead of the May 2 episode of Survivor. Any Alias is good, but it doesn't write the recap, so profound thanks to all those from the forums who so quickly offered to send the tape, and to Anne in Baltimore, who came through with the copy I used. I'm honored to stand before you today, and to call myself your recapper. This moment is so much bigger than me. This moment is for every nameless, faceless recapper who now has a chance to recap because the door tonight has been opened. And with that, I give you...

Soliantu Day 28. The clouds race over the ocean. The clouds race over the peaks. The clouds race over a tiki. Now bring back my tiki to me.

Paschal and Tammy discuss the fact that there are only eleven days left; Paschal calls Tammy "sweetheart." They discuss the cold weather; then Tammy yawns, and her eyes roll back in head. Robert appears to have a new outfit, which includes a black cardigan sweater. I wouldn't have pegged him as the black cardigan sweater type, so now I'm left to wonder when he'll bust out white socks rolled up to his knees. Sean complains that he can't sleep, and Kathy says "lumpy" several times. Lumpy, lumpy, lumpy. It's not that fun to say. Then, they all say "lumpy," so maybe I'm missing the joy in it. Lumpy, lumpy, lumpy. Not quite there yet.

Sean and Paschal hug, because friends who hula together stay together. But friends don't let friend hula drunk, either. Not on a stage, anyway. In a confessional, Sean tells us that the Soliantu tribe is like one big family. He says, "We spoon, we snuggle...but it's strictly for keeping warm." He adds that the idea of the "love tribe" has been a "fallacy." He insists that they can call themselves a "love tribe" when the game is over, but in the meantime, he wonders, "Like, will you really call me? Will I really call you?" Everyone hugs everyone else in a hug-happy montage. Sean tells us that certain people in the group are genuinely affectionate and feel "family vibes," but, he muses, "in the context of a game when people are tryin' to position themselves, can a love tribe truly exist?" And if a tree falls in the forest and there's no perceiver, does it make a sound? And more importantly, if a tree falls in the forest, can it please, please, please fall on Kathy?

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