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Clean for a Day

Neleh then engages in the worst behavior I've seen in four seasons of this show. She says the only thing she has left to share is "this mint that [she] shoved in [her]mouth really fast." She thinks everyone might want to "take a little nibble." They refuse -- while somehow managing not to look completely horrified -- and Neleh insists that it's good and she doesn't want it, as if the others are not taking the mint because it's too generous an offer. They hold their ground, so Neleh happily pops the mint back in her mouth. In a confessional, Sean says, "You're offering seven starving adults a piece of candy out of your mouth. Keep your mint candy, man." He complains that it's like saying, "Anybody want this piece of doo doo?" We see Sean leaving in the middle of Neleh's speech, and then Neleh sits there and blissfully smells her hair while sucking on her very own mint.

It's the next day, and there are piggy footprints around the camp. A dirty piggy walks by. Poor piggy; it is dirty, too, and did not have the opportunity to shower on a cruise ship, like Neleh did. The other members of Soliantu continue to marvel at Neleh's cleanliness; have they never seen a clean person before? Neleh brags that she got the "best night's sleep ever," and then Sean explains that Neleh was still "on the cleaning kick" the next morning. He says she was acting like a princess, with her feet propped up, and "lookin' at her nails." He sounds a lot like Brian Fellow from Saturday Night Live throughout this segment, and if I thought Sean was growing on me before, he's now full-grown, because Brian Fellow amuses me to no end. I wish he didn't, but he does. Neleh tells the others that it's "weird" to have clean skin, but Sean thinks no one cares about her clean nails because they're busying attending to chores. The others chop things, and Sean tells us that Neleh is "one of those people who cleverly will have the perception that she's working." So Neleh thinks she's working, but isn't, and is thus clever in fooling herself? I think Sean means that other people perceive Neleh to be working, but really, it's Sean talking, so who knows? He lists the chores that Neleh fails to do; he says she always says she's doing work, but that she isn't really doing anything. He complains that she's the first to claim to have energy, but that he'd have that much energy, too, if he wasn't doing anything but taking walks, taking naps, and relaxing. All that talking about "doo doo" wears a man out. Neleh preens and lounges about while Sean voice-overs about her lack of activity.

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