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Now a squeaky-clean Neleh is all propped up under the tent; she asks Kathy how the porridge is coming. A close-up of said porridge reveals that Kathy has borrowed Neleh's Barbie Dream Stove to cook up some pebble soup. When Kathy responds, Neleh and Paschal immediately start making gagging faces and sounds behind Kathy's back. Neleh pretends to deliberate between wanting porridge or "flank steak." Paschal cracks up, not because Neleh doesn't know the difference between filet mignon and ground chuck, but because he actually thinks she's funny. Vecepia calls them out for their misbehavior, and they look chastened, but smug.

Sean now tells us that he thinks Neleh has Paschal "snowed," and that she's playing the game harder than anyone else on the island. He says she's playing the role of "sweet little girl next door," and then imitates her with an inspired "Hey, I'm in the finals, and I'm so happy, and hey, oh God, this is, oh heck!'"

Neleh has finally stopped talking about the shower, but only because she has moved on to the bread. It looks like Paschal is her only audience now, so I don't know why she hasn't realized that Paschal was there and thus doesn't need to be told about the bread, since he experienced it first-hand. Tammy asks her to go fetch some leaves for their dinner; Neleh happily says she will, while singing a little song about the porridge. Kathy looks at Neleh sideways, and then tells us in a confessional that she thinks Neleh "has 60-70% sweetness, and about 30 or 40%, she's workin' it." Kathy thinks it's "a little much," and that Neleh's "workin' it too hard." In fact, Kathy thinks Neleh's "workin' it with Paschal." Ew.

Robert prowls around the camp, and Paschal calls him "Pig Man." It's funny, even if Paschal doesn't mean it in an insulting way. Paschal wants Robert to join him in the shade, but Robert insists that he's ready to work on his "pig snare," because he's just eaten some coconut. He wants to know who will help him, and no one volunteers. Robert then explains that a pig comes into their camp every night, and that he knows it's a "tall" pig, because he "got a good look at him." In a confessional, Robert tells us he's tired of the pig "taunting" him. And what's with this group's paranoia that the various wildlife of the Marquesas is taunting them all the time? Robert says of the little squeaker that he's going to "catch that thing and make some pork chops." And maybe after he's through with Neleh, he can catch a pig!

Tammy has joined Robert in the pig-snare-making venture. As they work in the woods, he explains his plan, which seems to have to do with stringing the pig up by one foot. In a confessional, Tammy tells us that Robert is not only hungry, but also wants to secure his place in the tribe. She says that if he catches a pig, Robert can "hold that up" as evidence that he's a valuable member of the tribe. A branch almost backslaps Robert in the face while he and Tammy work on the snare. Robert gets cocky and tells Tammy that if she wins immunity and he catches a pig, he'll tell the others, "Look, she's immune. I caught the pig. You can't get rid of me and not let me have any of my pig! You gotta keep me. I got pig!" He honestly seems to believe that argument would work, and urges Tammy to "look at that release!"

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