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Clean for a Day

Jabba the Tribal Council Hut. Tribal Trill. Peachy brings in the two members of the jury, one of whom looks very pretty, and one of whom looks very butch. It's yours to say which is which. Peachy reminds the S7 that the jury is there only to observe; he points out that it's the beginning of the power shift in the game, "when the power leaves those who are still in it, and goes now to those who are out of it."

Tonight, Peachy wants to talk about what they're tired of after thirty days. Neleh hates the dirt and the no-nos that get stuck in her eyes. Kathy flat-out hates the beach; more specifically, she hates its bugs, monotony, and grime. She has so many rashes and infections that her skin is "literally ready to fall off." Paschal is also tired of the monotony and the "daily grind." He complains of "the same food, the same living conditions, the same everything." So that implies, I think, "the same people." And there's Paschal bringing the snark.

Peachy asks how valuable the cruise-ship reward was, and Paschal answers him literally, saying it was $7 million. He and Neleh sat on the deck of the ship and talked about the reward's value; he says that nothing could have invigorated him more or made him feel better, which might not please his wife so much.

Peachy then calls on Kathy, who's always good for a snide remark or two. He wants to know what her reaction was to Neleh and Paschal's good fortune -- not only to their shower, but to the other amenities they received on board, including the mysterious "buffing." Kathy was jealous, and says, "I think all of us had a difficult time listening to the blow-by-blow description of Neleh's shower." Neleh laughs because she's just so cute and sweet and funny. Kathy thinks Paschal did incredibly on the challenge, and that he deserved the prize. She then adds, "But Neleh going? So be it." Hee. Kathy does say she'd wished a dirty following day on both of them.

Peachy next points out that "if it made sense," Robert could hand over his immunity to someone else. In the context of this game and these players, it's highly unlikely that that would ever make sense. Robert answers, "I gotta stay," and Tammy makes a weird face, which is probably more of a response to the no-no that just flew up her nose than any sign of the expectation that Robert would have handed over the necklace.

We see nothing of Neleh's or Robert's votes. Kathy votes for Tammy because she's "one cool chick, but lethal competition." We don't see Sean's, Paschal's, and Vecepia's votes, either. Tammy's vote is obscured, but it's because whoever she votes for doesn't pull his/her weight. We're supposed to think it's Neleh, and we have no reason to think it wouldn't be. Except that Mark Burnett's a fucker.

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