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Clean for a Day

Serious faces are superimposed over the waves as Peachy returns with the petite, footed voting urn. The first vote is a squiggly Tammy vote, and the second is a less ornate Tammy vote, as well. The third vote is a Vecepia, and Tammy's upper lip twitches. The fourth vote is also for Vecepia, who looks around suspiciously. The fifth vote is for Tammy, and Robert's jaw juts defiantly outward -- even more so than usual. The next vote is for Tammy, too, which Peachy proclaims "enough."

So the tribe has spoken and Tammy makes a speedy exit. Robert puts his head on Paschal's shoulder; I don't think he is crying, but he at least wants people to think he is; meanwhile, Vecepia winks at Neleh. Peachy points out that they've made it thirty days. He knows they're having a hard time, but snits that no one ever said it would be easy.

Next week on Survivor, six remain, and one of them falls out of a tree. Also, Joanna sets her VCR properly.

As the credits roll, Tammy tells us she knew the vote was coming, but that it still sucked. She says she played the way she intended to, and that she is proud of herself. We see that Tammy and Robert voted for Vecepia, while the other four voted for Tammy. Well, the other three voted for "Tammy," and Sean voted for "Tami O." She then channels Hunter and snarks that she hopes the remaining six "have it in 'em" to last the final days, because she's not sure they do.

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