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Clean for a Day

The second round begins. The shells are retrieved in the same order as in the first round, so Sean gets eliminated. Peachy generously offers to let Sean catch his breath before swimming to shore.

It's now the final round of "musical shells." Neleh repeatedly picks her wedgie while she waits, and then Kathy does another marvelous belly flop. Peachy yells, "Get down there, Neleh! Go!" but she really has no chance. She gets to within inches of reaching the shell, and then gives up and surfaces, which is lame. Paschal, Robert, Tammy, and Kathy come up with shells, and so Neleh gets bounced. She doesn't say, "Aw, heck!" Not yet, anyway.

So on to the final round and the final belly flop. Sad me. The four finalists are neck-and-neck as they swim for their rocks. By now, they're tired, so it takes a bit longer, and forty pounds is a damn heavy rock, underwater or not. They all seem to realize fairly quickly that swimming with a rock is impossible, so they begin tossing them through the water. Paschal appears to have mastered running with his rock in order to build up momentum, and then throwing it. Underwater footage reveals that Paschal is very determined, but also very pale and skinny. It's kind of disturbing. He's taken the lead, though, and on the sidelines Neleh, Sean, and Vecepia root for him, although I'm not sure they really believe he can possibly win. Peachy points out that Paschal's pulling away, and the others get really excited. He emerges from the water with the rock, looking around like an old, tired, and possibly blind man. At this point, I was worried that he might collapse; he looks so worn down, and possibly delirious. He then catches his second wind, hustles to shore, throws the rock down before Peachy, and is immediately engulfed by the enthusiastic hugs of his teammates. Meanwhile, the losers are emerging from the water in disbelief, and Kathy gives thumbs-up to someone. Peachy proclaims Paschal's victory "well-earned"; Paschal "appreciate[s] that." Peachy then says he will "bring" the cruise ship and the Visa card to Paschal, and offers, "We'll get you in the shower," which sounds so hands-on. Just Peachy then says the challenge was a good effort on everyone's part. Except Vecepia's, that is, but he doesn't say that. That Visa card is some camera hog.

We're still at Soliantu, and it's still Day 28. Robert hacks some more wood, and the others wow at Pappy's "own cruise ship." The ship floats on the horizon, and Paschal tells us in a confessional that the closer the ship got, the more excited he got. He says he was ready to swim out to it, and gleefully says, "It's a beautiful sight...all for me!" It's not obnoxious when he says that, though, because he sounds genuinely excited and surprised.

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