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Back on the ship, the Italian feasting music plays. In a confessional, Neleh tells us, "The next thing that came out was...uh, what's it called? What's a delicacy?" I'm not sure she's really asking about the definition of "delicacy," but instead is trying to remember the name of the particular delicacy they were served. We then see the waiter step in and put a plate of escargot in front of each of them. I don't think they had any say in the menu, since would either of them pick not just shellfish, which they've had plenty of in the past thirty days, but also something they'd never had before? Paschal thinks he's never had escargot, and says he never thought snail would taste so good. Neleh tries to look sophisticated, but mostly comes off looking confused. Then they get filet mignon and mashed potatoes; both decline wine, because neither of them drinks. Neleh appears to have made a little beef sandwich out of her steak. They cut out the part where she asks for ketchup, though. Paschal explains that they were served crème brulée for dessert, and he's never had that before either. This man is a fiftysomething year old judge and he's never had escargot or crème brulée before? It sounds like neither of them is pleased, because the dessert is too sugary. In any case, Paschal tells us he was looking forward to the bill, and was wondering what something so extravagant could cost -- he thinks maybe $150. The bill is placed before him, and Neleh exclaims "Holy cow!" At this precise moment, I feel immense relief that she has not yet again exclaimed, "Oh my heck!" I'm not spared for long, though, as she quickly corrects herself and jabbers that infernal exclamation once again. Paschal explains that the total was $312, but it didn't matter to him because it wasn't his money. He leaves a $200 tip, and says it was worth all the money. Neleh says she can't laugh anymore. Good.

It's night-vision time back at camp. Robert thinks Neleh and Paschal will have "beer breath," and Tammy points out that neither of them drinks. The group complains that the wrong people won, and Tammy says she would have been "throwin' 'em back." In a confessional, Tammy tells us that she and the other tribe mates were sitting around thinking about the food the others would bring back. Do you think Neleh and Paschal will bring back food? Do you? Do you? I'm sure they will!

When Neleh and Paschal return, the camera closes up on Paschal's non-food-containing backpack. Neleh's hair is so clean that it's glowing. She either got highlights while on the boat, or else her inner angel is shining through. She and Paschal are welcomed back, and the others marvel at their cleanliness. Robert tells us in a confessional that the first thing he did was "stuff [his] face in Neleh's hair." Ick. He says it smelled "fantastic," like a baby's bottom. Okay, so he doesn't say that, but it would have been pretty gross if he did. Neleh launches into a detailed description of every aspect of her time on the boat, from where the bathrooms were, to the type of shampoo, to the loofah she used to scrub her ass. She says she literally had to peel "black flaky stuff" off herself, which is a kind of mean thing to point out to people who haven't yet had the opportunity to pull the same said "black flaky stuff" off their own bodies. In a confessional, Kathy tells us that Neleh was going on too long about the shower. She grumps, "She's so damn sweet." Neleh then moves on to a description of the meal, which is full of "and then after that!"s." Tammy tells us that the experience sounded wonderful, and that it sucked to hear Neleh go on about it. Neleh then says she wishes "so bad" she could have brought something back for the others. She feels horrible going on like this and wonders if Sean felt bad when he talked about their Marquesan feast reward last week. Sean says, "No, but then we also brought back some food." Hee!

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