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Off To A Bad Start

Probst asks Betsy who the tribe's weakest link is. We're meant to think she's going to say Li'l Russell, but then she says Ashley. Ashley raises her hand and Probst calls on her to speak. Suddenly not finding this game breezy and fun, she says that it's "entertaining" that Betsy thinks she's weak when she does a lot of cardio at home. One good point she makes is that she was one of the people climbing the A-frames, so she can't possibly be the physical weakest link. Probst asks Marisa who she thinks the weakest link is. "There's different levels of weakness, Jeff," she says, then stumbles over her words until Ben loses his patience and tells her to answer the question. "Assert yourself and answer the question. It's not that hard," he says. "They don't like each other," Li'l Russell informs Probst. He likes everyone here except Marisa. Probst says that's funny, since Li'l Russell voted for her to be their leader in the beginning. Russell defends that decision, saying she has a strong mind and strong beliefs. Like when she told him she believes that he's scheming because he talks to people. "She just came right at me," he says. Marisa says that Russell told her that honesty was important, so she was just trying to be honest. Russell says that she said she didn't trust him. She denies that, saying she was "worried about" Li'l Russell. Stupid choice of words, as Ben immediately grins that Russell shouldn't be upset since Marisa was just truly concerned for his welfare. Marisa lacks the words and the thought process necessary to continue defending herself, so she just says she doesn't want to go home tonight and if she made herself a target, that was stupid of her and she'll never do it again.

Time to vote! Betsy doesn't trust Li'l Russell, but she writes Ashley's name down. Li'l Russell votes for Marisa, saying "if you play with fire, you'll get burned." Whatever, Billy Barty. And then some random blonde chick casts a vote and I don't even think she's on that tribe. Is that a crew member or something? Where are these people coming from? Probst tallies the votes up and returns with the urn. First vote is Russell's for Marisa. Second vote is also for Marisa. Third vote is Betsy's for Ashley. Then another vote for Ashley. And then a third for Marisa, who puts on a pouty face. Ashley gets a third vote. Marisa gets a fourth. And a fifth. She gets ready to collect her things and go. She gets a sixth vote and that's it. Ben makes a little gun shape with his hand like a douchebag and Li'l Russell smiles wide. Marisa leaves and Probst says that this tribe is obviously dysfunctional and hopefully getting rid of Marisa will turn things around for them. Except that it won't and they'll keep Li'l Russell around forever and we can have yet another season that's dominated by one annoying personality whose mommy didn't pay enough attention to him growing up so he's going to make up for it by getting attention from reality show producers instead.

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