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Off To A Bad Start

Galu's crate is on the platform first. Shambourine and three nameless women start working on the puzzle, but Foa Foa (Marisa, Jeffrey Tambor, Liz, and Betsy) isn't far behind. Shampoo tries to think of a strategy while Marisa has already somehow figured out that one of the words is "survival." Foa Foa appears to take the lead. Except not really, since the reason why Galu appears not to be getting anywhere is because Shambo laid all the puzzle pieces out and looked at them before just throwing them down on the puzzle board. Also because Jeffrey Tambor is just standing there watching the other team and not doing anything to help out his own. Soon, either Monica or Laura have the puzzle figured out and it's just a matter of putting the right pieces in the right spot. They do, and Probst proclaims Galu the winners. They get together and do a lame team cheer ("Galu is in the house!") while Ben looks on and hopes they don't remember what he said about them being losers and give it right back to him. Probst gives Galu the idol and some flint and Foa Foa does the slow motion loser walk.

After the break, we return to Foa Foa. Meanwhile, we don't even know if Galu made a shelter or not. We don't even know who half the tribe is. The losers try to make themselves feel better by saying that one challenge loss does not make them losers. Unless it's the other tribe losing, in which case it does. "Today at the challenge? We lost and that sucks," Ashley says. Li'l Russell rounds up the women to talk about who should go home tonight. Ashley interviews that she's basically waiting for someone else to suggest someone to vote out so she won't look like the asshole. The problem with being a follower is that you never know if you're the one everyone wants to send home. Sure enough, Jeffrey Tambor suggests to Mick that they send the weakest player home, and that player is Ashley. Um ... what? It's actually Jeffrey Tambor who is the weakest. He didn't even participate in the physical part of the challenge (which Ashley did, and did just fine), nor did he have anything to do with the puzzle part. So I really don't think he wants to go around suggesting that the weakest player goes home tonight. He interviews that he's well aware that at 62 years old he is the oldest person out here and that makes him a target. I think what makes him a target is the fact that he's totally useless. Mike tells Betsy and Jaison about his choice of Ashley and why. They nod in agreement.

Li'l Russell, who insists on not wearing pants or a shirt and walking around in those weird boxer-brief-bermuda shorts that don't do anyone any favors, checks in Marisa about their alliance. She's not so willing to jump in with him this time, saying he's been talking to everybody, and that makes her "wary." Li'l Russell doesn't say anything at first because he's not clever enough to come up with an excuse on the spot. Finally, he says that just because he's talking to people individually doesn't mean he's "stratecising" with them. Is he playing dumb or should I just think that everyone from Texas talks like a moron? Good lord. Russell tries to play it off like he's just talking about being on the show and life and stuff with the others but he's totally not convincing. And yet, he then interviews that Marisa is the stupid one for telling him that she doesn't trust him, which he takes as a threat. He says she's going home tonight.

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